Monday, March 31, 2014

God Loves Us!

I have attached a video which somehow just shows me how God loves us.

We are ridiculed because of our Father, People tell us we are crazy.

We are killed because of our Father. Our family members in other countries or been mutilated because of their belief in their Father.

Often with all of this going on, we turn against God. We turn our back and shout at Him because we don’t get our own way. We shout at Him because He is not the WE want Him to be.

Some of us are embarrassed by our Father.

But we cannot understand how God loves us. We don’t comprehend how our Father will do anything for us. His Blood is in us, He created us.

He wants us to be in a relationship with Him, We wants us to talk to Him, not be embarrassed by Him, not ignore Him but rather to share what we are upset about, Talk to Him about everything.

The difference between this video and our Father, is that our Father is perfect. Us Humans, tend to see people with deformities, like in this video, as weird and mostly don’t want them around us because they embarras us.

God deserves our time, He deserves our interest and He deserves our love.

Bless you as you watch this video.