Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gods Mission for us.

When last did you pray for God to reveal His way for your life?
Have you ever asked Him how to get on line with His way for your life?
Do you want God to reveal to you what His mission for you is?

I certainly do. It is something that I pray for often. I want to know where I am going and when it is to happen. Basically its knowing the future, but Gods future for us.

Wouldnt it be great knowing this, so We could "prepare" ourselves and change whatever it is
that we are doing, to fit into Gods line for our life?
But, are we supposed to know what Gods mission for us is?

Well, put it this way, God has not revealed to me yet what His mission for my life is...and I dont know if He is going to in the future.
But havent I got this all the wrong way around...

Surely God needs us to obey Him and follow His guidance,follow His calling, follow His Spirit.
Is it really up to us to figure out what the mission for our life is, or is that Gods problem?
We were given the Holy Spirit when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour. The Holy Spirit is God in Spirit and he is around us all the time, prompting us to do ceryain things, go to certain
places and say certain things.

We should be in tune with the Spirit, because when we are, it means that we are obeying Gods guidance and starting to live a life that He wants.....and this
in turn becomes His mission for us.
Our job is to trust the Lord with all our heart, it is not to try and firgure out what He wants for us! There is no reason to try figure everything out, because that is Gods job to do.
He promised us. (See Psalm 32:8)

  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, prompt you, talk to you.
If you dont feel the Spirit, when last did you pray to God and ask Him for His Spirit to guide you, fill you and help you?
Thought provoking.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thoughts taking you over?

Often I get into a situation where someone has said something to me, about me or about my personality which has really hit home.
I have been called everything under the sun, direct insults that really hurt. Its a situation where whatever thoughts I have in my head are now ruling over they way I act and talk.

To me, there are two ways you can handle a situation like this where a person has belittled you. You can either take it to heart, stew over the comments and sometimes think of a good retaliation OR you can think to yourself, well I don't need to listen to people like
this and I don't believe that what they are saying is true.

You have thoughts in your head, things like: "Did the person mean what they say? Did the person say it out of anger and maybe not mean anything? I don't know, if someone says something to you/about you, I suppose it depends on how sensitive you are, but to me, it is a direct insult.
I am sure I am not the only person who has had this or felt like this.
Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. (Proverbs 4:23)

If you choose to stew over what someone has said to you or about you, it will come out in your actions and the way you speak to people. Because maybe one person upset you, you become bitter and angry inside and you "may take it out" on others who don't deserve it.
This leads to a vicious circle because people will then not want to be around you because of the way you talk to them and then they talk behind your back causing you to be angry with them etc etc etc...
What I am trying to do now is to right off negative influence one by one. If someone has hurt you or has brought negativity into your life, get rid of the dry branches (cut them out of your life).
This may be very difficult when it comes to family and those close to you.

Don't let your thoughts run you down, don't let your thoughts run your day and ruin your day, don't let you thoughts become your ruler and change the way you are.
  The Bible says: Let God transform you by changing what you think (Romans 12:2)

God is the most powerful. May a good thing to do is consult or think about Gods peacefulness, Gods purity and His plan for your life. Take 2 minutes and then carry on with your life. You will find that when you concentrate on God for even 2 minutes,
His presence is just so great, that He tends to bring a blanket of peace over the situation.
Take you problems to God, don't try sort them out yourself!


Friday, August 24, 2012


Does God give us choices, or do we have rely on him for everything. Does God make the choices for us?

Its a difficult one because I often expect God to jump up when I come accross a problem and intervene and say, "you leave it, I will deal with it!"
But then I get confused when I read the Word of God and says in a nutshell that we should really leave our problems to God and He will sort them out. I dont know, I am not sure if I feel that sometimes.

But we have choices. We have to work in tune with God. We cant get ourselves into a situation, after God has probably quietly told us to not go down that route....and then expect Him to 'sort it out'..
We have choices to make, God gives us the freedom to make them, but He does expect us to make our choices in line with His Word....
Here is 5 choices that you have as a person....

1. I can choose to get healthier. What is the point ofsitting at home, couch potato, eating bad food, getting overweifght and then moaning about it because you cant run or you just get tired to qucikly. You made the choice, and you can change it.

2. I can choose to deepen relationships. The fear of rejection prevents connection, and the only way to get rid of fear is to do the thing you fear the most. Learn communication skills, replace bad relationships, reach out and risk connecting with someone. “Let love be your highest goal!” (1 Corinthians 14:1 NLT)

3. I can choose to trust God no matter what happens. “I will always thank the Lord; I will never stop praising him” (Psalm 34:1 LB). When you get to the point in your life where you can say, “I praise the Lord no matter what happens,” that is a confidence that you wont find God in your car to work or in your home. That is a confidence built on a relationship with God! You just know that He is there all the time.

4. I can choose what I think about. “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think” (Romans 12:2 NLT). The way you hink about situations = the way you react to them. If you get upset about a bad drive on the road who has cut you off, you make the choice to get angry about it and continually think how to 'cut him off' as well. (Getting back at him)

5. I can choose Jesus as my Savior. I’m not just talking about Jesus saving you from your sins. I’m talking about letting Jesus be your savior every day. Letting Jesus save you gives you the power to follow through on the choices you make. “Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17 LB).

You get to choose how much God blesses your life; he is just waiting on you to use your wild card. It is never too late to change. When you make these five winning choices, God gives you a winning hand.

What choices have you made?


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Shadow of Jesus

I find great happiness in the verse Romans 8:29 in the Word of God that says that we were created in the “shadow of Jesus”.
God knew right from the beginning how we was going to create us, How He would mould us. He would create us just like His son was created.
So then, why are we so different to Jesus? Why was Jesus so Holy and obedient to His father and we just keep on sinning. Definitely not the shadow of Jesus!
Isn’t it a matter of choice. God gave us a choice, He built it in us. We choose what we say, who we befriend, who we follow, what we do, how we act or react to situations. We also choose what influences us.
If we allow someone to annoy us or to anger us in such a way that we do something that we regret, that is a decision that we make. Its difficult hey? But If we really want God to reshape us back into the way He created us, only He (as our creator and master) can change us. We have chosen the wrong path, we need to get back onto the right one, so we need to ask our Creator to intervene. STOP, trying to do it yourself, you will fail! Only Gods power can change us internally and if you want to change, you need to start asking God now!
We were created perfectly, because everything about Jesus is perfection and we have born into an evil world. Interactions with this world and the people in it as well as influences from others have been a big cause of our fall into evil.
God is literally waiting for you to just “ask Him” for help.
What you waiting  for?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling apart from God?

Do you sometimes feel apart from God?
I do. Often I feel like I have done such bad things, sinned so much, been so far from where I should be, that its hopeless!
I sometimes believe that I cant keep on coming back to God asking forgiveness, asking Him for His mercy and His grace upon me, so its just over. My relationship with Him is long gone and I am in a big mess.

Have you felt this before?
I belong to a society which do online missionary work. We spread the good word of God over the net and online, but should I be doing this if I feel that I have sinned so much. Aren't I a disgrace to Gods work on earth. Who am I kidding?

At times like these, I try to go to the Bible and "make myself feel better". I take the life of Paul, He was a murderer, a sinner, Rapist and torturer. I haven't done any of these things. Paul was used powerfully in the Bible, He wrote 2/3 of the New Testament.

My point here is, Yes, Paul was saved, but did He carry on committing the same sin over and over and over again like I do. Did Paul murder, torture and rape after he was Saved? I doubt it.
So now I return back to my deep little thought pattern of how useless I am in Gods eyes. It is said somewhere n the Bible that we should confess, ask for forgiveness and REPENT. Repent means try not do it again. Most of the time, I am not trying to not do anything, in fact its just the normal old life for me!

You know what...WAKE UP!
Clearly I don't know who God is!!!!

It says in Psalms 103:12 - As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

One of the most effective tricks Satan plays on Christians is to convince us that our sins aren't really forgiven, despite the promise of God's Word. If we've truly received Jesus as Savior by faith, and still have that uneasy feeling wondering whether or not there is true forgiveness, that may be coming from demonic influences. Demons hate it when people are delivered from their grasp, and they try to plant seeds of doubt in our minds about the reality of our salvation. In his vast arsenal of tricks, one of Satan’s biggest tools is to constantly remind us of our past transgressions, and he uses those to prove that God couldn't possibly forgive or restore us. The devil's attacks make it a real challenge for us to simply rest in the promises of God and trust His love.
We are told in Matthew that our sins are forgiven and removed from existence and Christs memory. Peter asked Jesus how many times we should forgive those who sin against us, Jesus said 77 times. He didn't mean 77, He meant "many times".

But we cannot just keep on committing the same sin all the time and think all is great! (This is the part that bothers me so much).
As humans we will sin, but what do we do:
  • Stop trying to overcome the sin yourself. Ask for Christ divine grace to overcome it
  • You need to not want to fall into sin. This means having strong faith in God that His grace will help you overcome the devils tricks.
The devil wants us to believe there is no hope, and He certainly succeeds with me. But Gods grace is everywhere, always present and always available for the taking. The price????  Its faith. Its faith in Jesus that He died on the cross for us, Saved us from sin. Faith that Jesus blood was shed for us and that He will overcome evil!

I need to get me head around all of this. Its difficult. I must admit that me faith has been slacking of late, but you know what...Gods grace is better! God uses all of us for some reason on earth!
He loves us!  And all He expects in return, is that we accept and believe in Him!

Ain't He awesome...
And I have some serious praying to do!