Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Shadow of Jesus

I find great happiness in the verse Romans 8:29 in the Word of God that says that we were created in the “shadow of Jesus”.
God knew right from the beginning how we was going to create us, How He would mould us. He would create us just like His son was created.
So then, why are we so different to Jesus? Why was Jesus so Holy and obedient to His father and we just keep on sinning. Definitely not the shadow of Jesus!
Isn’t it a matter of choice. God gave us a choice, He built it in us. We choose what we say, who we befriend, who we follow, what we do, how we act or react to situations. We also choose what influences us.
If we allow someone to annoy us or to anger us in such a way that we do something that we regret, that is a decision that we make. Its difficult hey? But If we really want God to reshape us back into the way He created us, only He (as our creator and master) can change us. We have chosen the wrong path, we need to get back onto the right one, so we need to ask our Creator to intervene. STOP, trying to do it yourself, you will fail! Only Gods power can change us internally and if you want to change, you need to start asking God now!
We were created perfectly, because everything about Jesus is perfection and we have born into an evil world. Interactions with this world and the people in it as well as influences from others have been a big cause of our fall into evil.
God is literally waiting for you to just “ask Him” for help.
What you waiting  for?

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