Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miracles vs Blessing

How often have you heard people say, or yourself say....we need a miracle!
Or sometimes we need a miracle for a situation to change!

Or if you are overweight and are struggling to lose weight, sometime you will say "I need a miracle in my life to change this situation".

But what exactly is a miracle?
A miracle super cedes any natural laws, laws that God laid down. A miracle will only happen when there is a crisis because it super ceded the norm or the law in that crisis.
If we live for miracles or pray for miracles then that means that we living from crisis to crisis.
Make sense?

A miracle is not going to come unless you are in crisis and a miracle is a temporary thing.
A miracle is never abundant and will not get you living your life "normally" again.
Whereas a blessing on the other hand prevents crisis. If you tap into the blessing of God, it is just so awesome.You wouldn't need to live for miracles anymore.
Blessings happen in abundance. Once you receive the blessing of God...well I don't have the words.

Look at Ephesians 1:3.
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Gods purpose in life is to bless us with everything. Bless us spiritually, blessing of new birth, blessing of the Holy Spirit and a blessing of healing and prosperity. Once we have received Gods blessing, our Spiritual life will start to overflow into our natural life. We wont really need miracles.
Its the blessing of the Lord that makes us rich (Proverbs 10:22)

What also makes living for blessings rather than miracles is that once we have been blessed by God, we can pass that blessing on to others. Blessings then become attractive. This is the way that God wants it to be.
Miracles even come when we are in unbelief, but blessings demand responsibility, obedience, and faith.
Miracles are one time occurrences whereas blessings are in abundance, all the time.

When we are in a crisis or experiencing a problem, we pray to God for a miracle. but God wants us to live a in a life of blessing so that we trust that He has our back and in the meantime we can be a blessing to others.

But we cannot be a blessing unless we are blessed. How? Chase after God and blessings will start chasing after us. Matthew 6:33 - First of all, look for the holy nation of God. Be right with Him. All these other things will be given to you also. (New Life Version)

Blessings are associated with planting a seed. Some people (Believers and unbelievers) will often go to God or the church and ask God for a miracle. That's like saying to God "Well, if you do something for me, then I will trust. worship and believe in you".
God says "Why don't you give me something first and then I will give you something back that is much more abundant than a once off miracle!"
This also ties in with Luke 10. We are called to be disciples. We are called to spread the word of God to others, to pray the Holy Spirit with others and in others. We are called to tithe. Tithe doesn't just mean money, it means GIVING. We need to give ourselves back to the work of God and body of Christ.

Please don't misinterpret what I am saying. Miracles are real and they are often necessary and Jesus performed them and still does. The point here is that, as children of God, we shouldn't be chasing miracles but rather we should be chasing God and trusting God in order so that His blessings may start chasing us.
This will form a very successful circle in your life because being a blessing to others will allow God to trust you more with the task and He will continually send more and more blessing your way and you will never be in the need for a miracle in your life - it is covered.

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  1. Please Father in Jesus name and Holy spirit bless my life. I need a blessing financially and thank you for everything you have already given us. Please pray for us. Ryan ( Canada ).

  2. If God and Jesus can do anything I am sure neither does anything out of the extraordinary. When you pray for someone to be healed then God has answered your prayers and Blessed that person being prayed for This is a miracle. Miracles, you hear about such as, A car fell on a child, and that child's mother came out lifted the car with one hand and pulled the child out with the other.That's a Miracle