Monday, January 7, 2013

Christians - Keeping a Watchful eye

Sometimes being a Christian has its difficulties. In fact, being a Christian isn't for sissies.

You are always on "view" to others. Once someone sees or hears that you are a christian then their eyes and ears seem to be open, waiting for you to make a mistake or act in a particular way so that they can throw it back at you and say things like "Christians should practice what they preach" or "you are not doing what Christians are supposed to do".

It's like we are not allowed to make mistakes, and that would then make us perfect...and you know what...we aren't. The only one that is perfect is God.

But you know what is really that God knows that we are not perfect. This is why He sent His one and only son, Jesus Christ...because we are not perfect.

You find that the people that accuse are just as guilty at the same things you do wrong, in fact, often worse.

So with this known, there really is no reason to let people upset you with their comments when we know that we are not perfect and that God has our back.

Great News hey!!

In the Word, we are told not to take trust in man, but trust in The Lord your God. There is no reason why we should be upset about things that other people have said or done to you, especially when you are a Christian.

I am sure that we all judge others. But my point here is not about judging, it's about bringing other people's wrongs when in fact all we are is human.

But then as Christians, we are also called to work together as a team. Why? Well because we all fall by the wayside, and we need each other to get back in line. To firmly and nicely tell someone what they did where it is encouraging and not malicious, hurtful, revengeful and downright ugly to make yourself appear perfect when the accusee is down and his mistake has been brought to every one's attention.

You know about the verse in the Bible......the log in your eye etc etc...

I would love to know you thoughts on this topic.

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