Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Listening to God...or not!

Why is it so difficult to listen to God?

It says in the Bible that we need to refrain from doing things on our own but rather listen to God. What is God going to say? What is He going to do about my situation I find myself in?
Sometimes I think that we don’t listen because if its Gods that’s telling us, we have to tell Him one of two things:
“Sorry, I don’t think that’s right” – and flatly disregard Gods talking   OR
“Hey, You are right” – and follow and trust in Gods way!

Frankly I am scared to think what Gods answer will be. Most of the time its not going to be the answer that I want. Its all about me and what I want to do. God is going to dampen my decision because what I am about to do is not the “Correct Christian thing to do”.

So I disregard Him. I do my own thing. I act out what I thought was correct. In the moment, I feel great! I have made my point. Problem here is, that moments don’t last forever. It’s the long time where it becomes a problem and only after awhile do I realize that I made a wrong decisions or acted without Gods advice.

I guess, by default, humans are “in the moment” creatures. Everything must happen now and in my way!

It says in the Bible that if we listen to God, He will have our back….but if we ignore Him when He was trying to tell us something – He will leave us to deal with the consequences ourselves.
SO how do I actually listen to God. I close my eyes and do what? I feel things are being told to me, I come up with thoughts but how do I know if its just my mind rolling around or if its God actually talking to me?

The force of evil is also in your mind and it is at war with you. Evil is always connected to a feeling of fear. God is connected to a feeling of peace. Satan is the accuser. God is the comforter. Evil seduces you into breaking God's law and then shames you for what you did. Evil knows where you are vulnerable. If you are afraid of being poor, evil will tempt you with money. If you have sexual vulnerabilities, evil will tempt you sexually. Satan says you are stupid, ugly, no good, broken, worthless and unlovable. The goal of the Devil is to destroy your relationship with God. Evil never wants you to communicate with God. It will laugh at you as you read these words.

One thing about Gods voice is that it will never contradict scripture (Which is Gods voice). This is why we should know scripture very well so e will always know whether Satan is trying to confuse you. Often God will talk through His scripture.

Right, so when do I do this. My mind is continually running around things of the day, thoughts of work, deadlines, family, money etc. How does God fit into this?
Well, I really don’t know…..Today, I am really confused. I feel deserted and it feels like everything that I once knew is gone? Weird…Have you thought this before?

Its like all the decisions I am making are my own, like I have never really understood listening to God and if He speaks to me, well then, I am really lucky?

What are your thoughts?