Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breaking evil Bondage,

There are so many ways in which satan tries to get "into" your life.
As soon as you look the other way for just a second, he has already started trying to persuade you to do something which is not of God.
He is very clever, very tricky and he does things in the back round so quickly that you need to be attuned to what satan is doing in you and around you and be aware of it every second of the day.

There are 5 basic things that we need to do to be able to clear ourselves from satans hold. These things are stated in Gods Word, but often we get confused by them as we use our own imagination to try and figure them out.
Here they are:

Deny yourself - This is not the same as self-denial. The ultimate purpose of self denial is self gratification. Denying yourself mean that you stop trying to be "God" of your life and let God be God of your life. We were not created to be masters of our own lives. This is Gods role.
It is satans dream that we control our own lives as this allows him to persuade us and creep into our thoughts, something he cannot do if God is in control. We were not designed to function independently of God but rather WITH God.

Pick up your cross daily - This means that we need to understand fully what Jesus did for us on the cross. Jesus cross provides forgiveness for the things we have done. It also justifies us and sanctifies us in His name. Carrying Jesus cross daily helps us understand and remember that we died with Jesus on the cross and that our 'old' life is gone and our 'new' life has come.
We have been bought by the blood of Jesus. We were saved by Him. Our identity should be based on our relationship with Jesus, not our physical being. Stop trying to be something we aren't and be what Christ wants us to be.

Follow Christ - Allows the Holy Spirit to lead us daily. Everything that you do, decisions that you make and activities that you do should involve the Holy Spirit.

Leave the lesser life and think about the eternal life - Often we try to go for the  big things. We all want big cars, lots of money, nice houses, better titles and be the best at everything, but the truth is we can only "be" this for a very short time (perhaps a lifetime), but we don't take any of this to heaven with us. Its all stays on earth and pretty much becomes meaningless. Shoot for the world and that's all you will get and then lose it but shoot for Christ and the next world and God will throw this on in as a bonus!

Sacrifice things for life - Would you exchange anything for the fruit of the Spirit. Could you buy the fruit of the Spirit or exchange your brand new Porsche for love, joy, peace, self control.
Well, you cant. But most people wouldn't do that. Often we strive to be happy by surrounding ourselves with nice things, but we fail to ask for Gods blessing. With Gods blessing comes love, peace, joy, gentleness etc etc.
We need to love people and use things and not fall into the trap of loving things and using people. Things are temporary. Yes, they bring happiness and there is nothing wrong with having nice things, but don't make things the primary focus of your life. Focus on Jesus and His way for your life.

It is far better to be known and called a child of God than to gain everything that the world calls valuable. Remember, the prince of this world is satan and his ultimate lie to you is to make you think that you are god of your own life and that you don't need Jesus in your life at all.
He wants you to inflate your ego and turn away from God and towards yourself.
But remember, we are dead to this world....We are alive in Christ!


Monday, April 8, 2013

God in the Small Things

As I sit in a different city in my own country, it makes me wonder about a lot of things.
We stay in a built residential area and one sort of gets used to the same mundane sights, sounds and area every single day. The same brick buildings, same people, same cars, same pollution and same noise.
Today I had to go on a business trip away from home, to a coastal city. Didn't see much of the city today but coming home from work and being able to book into my accommodation for the night and take a walk, it just made me wonder.
When we get stuck in our routines at home, driving to work, seeing the same big cities, people, noise etc...Sometimes it appears difficult to see Gods wonder.
I have always been able to "see" God in nature and the bush, but in struggle to see beauty out of cities and pollution. It often makes me think that this world isn't so great.
But when I walk out of my daily "zone", I can see how wrong I actually am.
Taking a walk on the beach, with the see quietly touching my toes, looking up to see sea, beauty, ships, seagulls, a pier jutting out to the ocean, breaking waves and then looking down to see the odd crab run away from me, sea shells and bits of sea weed, it just cements in my mind a small picture of the world God actually created for us.
It also shows me how we have spoilt it to such an extent that, for people like me, struggle to see Gods hand in the creation and then when I get away from big cities, I can see it again. Very sad indeed!
Because of this, I encourage you to look at the smaller things in life. It is possible to see God in everything, if we just get out of our mundane routine where we ignore everything accept what's in front of us and rather concentrate on the little things that happen around us. Walk into the garden and notice the butterfly slowly picking a flower to land on or a weaver tweeting away while he builds a nest in a tree. This is 'stuff'' that God created and in between all of our man made buildings, cars, roads, noise and pollution, God exists, and it's everywhere....if you just look.
Right now, as I type this, I am looking at a pier with a few local fishermen on, and the one guy has caught a fish and is pulling it in from the sea. The excitement on his face, as this is probably his dinner for the night, just shows me what God provided us - but that's another blog for another day.
God is good!
God is everywhere!
God is here!