Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using what we have.

Do you know the story of the wealthy man who goes on a trip and leaves money to His servants to see what they will do with it....?
Matthew 25:21 - "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things."

Its amazing what we do with our God given talents. Do we use them? Do we even know what they are?
Some people think that they were giving less than others. Yes, this is true, but the whole moral of this story is "What did you do with what you were given?"

I have seen a video a few times now and every time I see this video, I cant help but fall into tears. I have attached it to this blog so you can download and view. I would title it "Perseverance", But it also serves as a brilliant example of a mindset that is often lacking and many people (myself included!)
(I am sorry about the quality - I think it was created for mobile!)

I think the point here is, if we look at this boy, that He has so much passion to "win race" and do what his dad has done and it is to get over the finish line.
He wasn't there to win, or to be first, but He accomplished the race with what little He had. In this case, He used his dad to help. Without his dad it would be impossible.
Same as without God, it would be impossible to reach the finish line.
Look at the delight in his eyes, how happy he is. Even though he may be handicapped, that wasn't a reason for him to sit back and mope about how bad life is.
They took the chance and made it.

God asks us to do the same. Do as much as we can with what we have. Instead of feeling jealous what someone else has and watch them, why not use your own resources, as much or as little as they could be to do something good, for man and for God.
I know that this video is a bit off track from the message in Matthew 25:21, but I see it from a perseverance perspective.
Even if times are hard, persevere to help others. The reason I write this is because I seriously lack in this department. Its very comfortable to sit back and glory in what I have, but what is the point if I don't use any of it to help others?

When I go to heaven one day, God will ask me what I did and who I helped. What will my answer be?
Even if we cant do something physically, we can use our mouth! We are told in Luke 10 to "Go Out" and spread the word of God, Heal the sick, help, console. Most often, this doesn't require money or goods, but it requires a faith in God and relationship with Jesus which we have the choice over. Knowing that God is with us, is pretty much all we need!

I hope this video touched your heart as it did mine.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Navigating with God

I thought of this today as I was driving to work and it, once again, brought up a whole new bunch of ideas and comparisons.
In actual fact, it is amazing how close they are.
How much in common is your little GPS system in your car or cellphone and God. Sounds like a really weird comparison, but bear with me here...

We want to go somewhere, but we have no idea where the place is or how long it will take or in what direction to go in. So we plug the address into our GPS and in a few seconds, we are told where to go. Basically we rely totally on this device or the mapping software in it.
Without this, we would be totally lost, turning this way and that to figure out where we are moving. Sometimes we will stop somewhere and ask someone else for directions.

Doesn't this resemble what our relationship with God should be like?
Totally relying on Him on where to go in our lives, which direction to turn, listening for His voice all the time, waiting for the next 'instruction'?

You make a mistake, you miss a turning and now you are off course! I don't know about you, but my GPS either instructs me to take a U-Turn where possible or it directs me along another route to get to my destination.
Doesn't our loving God do the same.....When we fall off course, His Spirit prompts us to rejoin our journey or to make a U-turn from the direction we were going and get back onto course with our journey with God.
If we have gone too far, He will take us along the next route to get back on course. Often this alternate route is longer, but its because we made the mistake of not listening and now we have to take a little longer to get back to where we should be going.

Sometimes I can relate that GPS voice to Gods voice. Always warning of possible danger. Before you are about to turn, the voice warns you, warns you, warns you...100 metres, 50 metres, 10 metres etc...
If you come close to a speed bump/boggle, you are warned to be careful and slow down.
The Spirit does the same, when you get close to danger or begin to sin, the Spirit whispers and warns you of impending danger.
One thing to understand here though, is notice that the Spirit of God doesn't stop you. Same as the GPS, it doesn't stop the car for you. You are free to go in any direction you wish, but the voice will just warn you. It will try to turn you back on course.

God already knows our lives. He knows where we are going even before we do.
There is a big difference though, between our Lord and a GPS unit:
Plugging in a destination in your GPS and expecting the GPS voice to start directing you is the norm. This is what it is designed to do BUT wanting to do something in our lives for example, wanting a particular job, and then EXPECTING God to act is wrong.
God does not act on our instruction! God has already acted! He will direct us in life if it is His will for us. If it is against gods will, the Spirit will be there warning you and trying to direct you in another direction, one that is where we should be going, not where WE WANT to go.
We pray for a new job and if we don't get it, we blame God for not giving it to us.
Again let me say, God does not act upon our instruction.
Rather, we are directed by His love and willing for us to follow His Way!
We are not forced!

If you miss your turn, the GPS will keep on trying to get you back on course and not stop. God is the same. He doesn't say to us "Well, you don't listen to me so I am just going to stop trying to show you...Your Loss!"
He keeps on trying to correct our course in life because He loves us!
But, we have to accept that love, otherwise that little voice that speaks to us will be like putting your GPS volume on mute......You will not hear it!

I really thought this would be an interesting comparison, although it is difficult because my aim is not to compare our great Lord to piece of technology.....but I think you get the point?


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blessings and miracles

Which is better, A Blessing or a miracle?
Difficult one because both of them are great to receive from God. Is there one that is better than the other?

Well, this helped me understand it.....
"A miracle needs a crisis in order for it to happen, whereas a blessing is something that prevents a crisis happening in the first place."
Also, a blessing is for ever whereas a miracle is used in the moment, but future miracles or sometimes required afterwards.

There is nothing better than a blessing from God. Once God blesses our lives, we have everything! Nothing else is more important than a blessing from our God.
Miracles are often needed to change a crisis situation, and they certainly are welcome and I am most certainly going to condemn them, but I would rather have Gods blessing over my life than have to get into a crisis and them cry out to God for a miracle to get out of the crisis.

Now, how do we get a blessing from God? Do we pray? Do we tithe, give or bless others first?
Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and believe in God and all He has done for us, He will bless us. Gods blessing over our lives is given because He promised this to us, its in His Word.
Can anything stop Gods blessing?
Well, yes....US!
And only us!  Nothing else can stop Gods blessing over our lives. Not satan, not other people, not situations, nothing! (except us)

Gods blessing is given to us because we are His children. Once we believe in God and accept Him, we become His family and He has blessed our lives.
BUT, we cant just sit back and say to ourselves that God has blessed us and all is good now.
It requires work from us! We need to co-operate as well.
We need to pass the blessing from God onto others.
God told Abraham in Genesis 12:2 that He will bless him and He will be a blessing to OTHERS.
We bless others by serving them, serving a need of theirs, helping them, providing for them etc etc.
The more we bless others with our blessing, the more we will get blessed from God. Its an automatic process.
Luke 6:38 says " Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Are  we worthy to receive blessings. Do we need to pray more to get more blessings?
No. We have to use the blessing that God gave each of us, to bless others. It is a big circle that starts rolling the day we receive Christ as our Savior. The more we receive, the more we should give, and it goes round an round.

Satan cannot stop Gods blessing as I said above. What He will try do though is, one day when you sin or do something wrong that makes you feel that you are not worthy of Gods blessing, satan will jump on the band wagon here. He is the one making you think that god wont bless you anymore because of what you did, or that God is angry with you and that you are not worthy....so as to make you stop Gods blessing yourself.
He, satan, cannot stop it, but He will try and persuade you to do it yourself.

In the Old testament, a person would have to keep the entire law to be able to be blessed. Look at Deuteronomy chapter 28.
The first 14 verses go on about blessings and verses 15-68 go on about curses. Notice there are many more curses than blessings.
If a person disobeyed one part of the law, he is guilty of all of them and He will be cursed.
Verse 15 says "However, if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you..."

This sounds terrible, but we do not fall under this law anymore. After Jesus died on the cross for our inequities and sin, this fell away.

"Therefore, there is NO condemnation for those in Jesus Christ". (Romans 8:1)

It says in later verses in Romans, that the law was powerless and it made the flesh weak, this is why God sent His son Jesus Christ for us. We are under a new covenant now.
We are in the realm of the Spirit now.
Believe that God blesses us, once you accepted Him your were already blessed.
We need to believe, have faith and pass on our blessing to others.

I will welcome miracles anytime :)   but I would find peace in knowing that God has already blessed my life...and to me, peace would far overcome miracles in crisis.

Amen and blessings to you.
I would love to hear your comments on this.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Love of Self...

Again, as per my previous post, this is something that I believe effects everyone. We all do it, We are all guilty of it and we are all struggling to even deal with it.....All except for one that is...God!

Love of self.
This whole idea of loving yourself is totally misunderstood and it is also a prime cause of anger in our lives. Anger...A subject that I struggle with on a daily basis, so my study on this topic is really going to start paying off, I hope :)

We are so concentrated on what WE feel, what WE think, who is insulting US, who is criticizing US,. How dare someone cut us off in the traffic. How dare they deliberately push us off the road or push in the queue at the shop. It drives me insane, I cant handle it. I take it as a direct insult that a person couldn't care less about me or anyone else in the world and what gives them the right to put themselves forward before others?
I get so angry when things don't work out the way I want them to.
These things above all lead to anger. Most of the time, anger is derived from not getting our way in something, or if we feel that someone has directly gone against what WE believe is right.
Let me take another angle here. When we get married, we marry someone because we believe that they are the right person for US, for US to be with and love, for US to be happy. Its self centered-ness.
We are told in the Word of God to "die to self". This means, in plain terms, to stop thinking about what we want, and start thinking about other people and what they like, need, want etc.
Did anyone get married because it makes the other person happy? No, we get married because it makes us happy!
When someone cuts us off in traffic, turns in front of us, just stops in the middle of road without any warning....straight away we take it that they are doing to annoy us or to get back at us, whereas maybe they have just returned from hospital and they have received bad news an their mind is not on the road (it happen to all of us). They are most probably not driving like an idiot to upset you specifically, but because of another reason.
Is there any point getting upset and angry? (Here I am the one kicking and screaming because this is exactly what I do, get angry over a situation like this).

It takes so much energy getting upset over things that concern ourselves.
Instead of thinking about ourselves, think about others. Die to self, concentrate on others. "Well who will look after me?" you may ask.
God has got you covered! He will watch your back!
If you die to yourself and concentrate on what God wants us to do, how to react to others and in situations, the ungodly anger that we have will fall away.

Yes, God gave us the anger emotion, but it should be used against all things evil, and not each other. Anger should be used in the spiritual realm, not in the physical realm.
Look, if someone tries to steal from me or break into my house, I will certainly get angry and defend myself, but this is not an unhealthy and ungodly anger!

Concentrating on others will bring so many riches. Not thinking how to create situations that will keep you happy or by getting angry over something that is.

This will have to be a huge life change from me. Everything I have written above is because its things I do and feel and react to, but I guess that I am not the only one who gets angry about these things.


Luke 9:23 - And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Galatians 5:24 - And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gods Anger

I am currently reading through a course called "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy" and strangely enough I was listening to a talk by Andrew Wommack this morning called "Gods Anger".

How the two compliment each other, and especially in my life where anger and bad temper is a nuisance and it is something now that I have to deal with, seriously, and learn how to manage and control anger in many situations.

The interesting part of this though is the question "Can a Christian get angry?" I am a Christian and I struggle with anger problems daily, but does this make me not a Christian anymore?
God got angry. God has wrath. Jesus got extremely angry. In fact He got so angry that He whipped people that were disobeying His teachings and going against God.

But what makes His anger right and mine wrong?
Well, Andrew Wommack made it so clear to me this morning in His talk. He said: "Jesus got angry with evil and with what is wrong". We get angry with people, animals, humans and "things".

There is nothing wrong with getting mad with evil and satan. In fact, it is imperative that we get mad with evil. We have to stand up against all which is evil and block it from us, remove it from our existence. The devil is a coward and once you stand up against evil and his little plans to control you, He WILL flee!

So, getting angry with a situation and an evil spirit is OK....So my question then is how to handle it.
You have to get rid of satan around you. If someone is criticizing you, talking bad about you, even if its in your face....don't rebuke them, but rebuke the spirit that is in them. My problem is that I get angry with people, I think that they are bad, that they are attacking my person, but in actual fact it is satan which is doing all the work.
It may seem that it is from them, because it is coming out of their own mouth and from their body, but satan speaks through them in order to break you down.

Satan did not create anything, he never will and never has. Satan did not create anger, God did! Every emotion that we have as humans was created by God for a purpose. The acts of satan are to come into our lives and skew the use of our emotions. For example, God created love. Everything about love is from God. We are meant to love our partners, families and each other. Now satan comes around and tries to turn that "love" emotion into "lust", and that is wrong.
Same goes with Anger. God gave us anger. He gave it to us to stand up against evil, to be angry at the devil and to rebuke him from our lives, BE ANGRY with satan and he will flee! But satan, knowing this, gets into our minds and spirit and turns our anger against each other, taking out our anger on each other.
Keep anger to spiritual anger. This is why (and this I am learning), it is always good to take a step back first before losing your cool, think about what you are just about to do. Most of the time your reactions will be different is you just step away for a second. It gives you time to think about using anger in a "Godly way" and also to direct it against satan and not the person or thing that made you angry.
Most often a person is not against you, they are against many people and society and the spirit within them needs to be rebuked.
Gods anger is justified. It is against all that is good and it is against all that is Him.

The hard part here is to tune into God, into His Word, into the spiritual world...and not into our world, which is carnal by nature and where satan tends to have major influence. Exclude satan and his desire for you to be angry, and he will flee.