Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gods Anger

I am currently reading through a course called "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy" and strangely enough I was listening to a talk by Andrew Wommack this morning called "Gods Anger".

How the two compliment each other, and especially in my life where anger and bad temper is a nuisance and it is something now that I have to deal with, seriously, and learn how to manage and control anger in many situations.

The interesting part of this though is the question "Can a Christian get angry?" I am a Christian and I struggle with anger problems daily, but does this make me not a Christian anymore?
God got angry. God has wrath. Jesus got extremely angry. In fact He got so angry that He whipped people that were disobeying His teachings and going against God.

But what makes His anger right and mine wrong?
Well, Andrew Wommack made it so clear to me this morning in His talk. He said: "Jesus got angry with evil and with what is wrong". We get angry with people, animals, humans and "things".

There is nothing wrong with getting mad with evil and satan. In fact, it is imperative that we get mad with evil. We have to stand up against all which is evil and block it from us, remove it from our existence. The devil is a coward and once you stand up against evil and his little plans to control you, He WILL flee!

So, getting angry with a situation and an evil spirit is OK....So my question then is how to handle it.
You have to get rid of satan around you. If someone is criticizing you, talking bad about you, even if its in your face....don't rebuke them, but rebuke the spirit that is in them. My problem is that I get angry with people, I think that they are bad, that they are attacking my person, but in actual fact it is satan which is doing all the work.
It may seem that it is from them, because it is coming out of their own mouth and from their body, but satan speaks through them in order to break you down.

Satan did not create anything, he never will and never has. Satan did not create anger, God did! Every emotion that we have as humans was created by God for a purpose. The acts of satan are to come into our lives and skew the use of our emotions. For example, God created love. Everything about love is from God. We are meant to love our partners, families and each other. Now satan comes around and tries to turn that "love" emotion into "lust", and that is wrong.
Same goes with Anger. God gave us anger. He gave it to us to stand up against evil, to be angry at the devil and to rebuke him from our lives, BE ANGRY with satan and he will flee! But satan, knowing this, gets into our minds and spirit and turns our anger against each other, taking out our anger on each other.
Keep anger to spiritual anger. This is why (and this I am learning), it is always good to take a step back first before losing your cool, think about what you are just about to do. Most of the time your reactions will be different is you just step away for a second. It gives you time to think about using anger in a "Godly way" and also to direct it against satan and not the person or thing that made you angry.
Most often a person is not against you, they are against many people and society and the spirit within them needs to be rebuked.
Gods anger is justified. It is against all that is good and it is against all that is Him.

The hard part here is to tune into God, into His Word, into the spiritual world...and not into our world, which is carnal by nature and where satan tends to have major influence. Exclude satan and his desire for you to be angry, and he will flee.


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