Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using what we have.

Do you know the story of the wealthy man who goes on a trip and leaves money to His servants to see what they will do with it....?
Matthew 25:21 - "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things."

Its amazing what we do with our God given talents. Do we use them? Do we even know what they are?
Some people think that they were giving less than others. Yes, this is true, but the whole moral of this story is "What did you do with what you were given?"

I have seen a video a few times now and every time I see this video, I cant help but fall into tears. I have attached it to this blog so you can download and view. I would title it "Perseverance", But it also serves as a brilliant example of a mindset that is often lacking and many people (myself included!)
(I am sorry about the quality - I think it was created for mobile!)

I think the point here is, if we look at this boy, that He has so much passion to "win race" and do what his dad has done and it is to get over the finish line.
He wasn't there to win, or to be first, but He accomplished the race with what little He had. In this case, He used his dad to help. Without his dad it would be impossible.
Same as without God, it would be impossible to reach the finish line.
Look at the delight in his eyes, how happy he is. Even though he may be handicapped, that wasn't a reason for him to sit back and mope about how bad life is.
They took the chance and made it.

God asks us to do the same. Do as much as we can with what we have. Instead of feeling jealous what someone else has and watch them, why not use your own resources, as much or as little as they could be to do something good, for man and for God.
I know that this video is a bit off track from the message in Matthew 25:21, but I see it from a perseverance perspective.
Even if times are hard, persevere to help others. The reason I write this is because I seriously lack in this department. Its very comfortable to sit back and glory in what I have, but what is the point if I don't use any of it to help others?

When I go to heaven one day, God will ask me what I did and who I helped. What will my answer be?
Even if we cant do something physically, we can use our mouth! We are told in Luke 10 to "Go Out" and spread the word of God, Heal the sick, help, console. Most often, this doesn't require money or goods, but it requires a faith in God and relationship with Jesus which we have the choice over. Knowing that God is with us, is pretty much all we need!

I hope this video touched your heart as it did mine.



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  2. HI Anonymous,
    I have read your long message trying to make headway or understand it but I am not entirely sure what it has to do with this blog article?
    Could you elaborate some more?

  3. wow this is amazing! i just started blogging yesterday and this is so great!!