Friday, November 16, 2012

What will it be like?

I have always wondwered what it wil be like in heaven. We know that there is no little white cloud that God sits on or that heaven is floating around somewhere.
But what is it like then.

I suppose one could turn to Gods Word for a few clues.  Heaven will be a place of endless happiness where we will be not be bound by sin anymore. It says in the Bible that we will be worshipping God:

Revelation 19:1-2 - After this I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting: “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God.....

Just a thought. Worhsipping God, singing to Him, praising Him. I have just watched the Casting Crowns concert "Until He hears."

In fact, watch any christian concert - notice the passion of everyone singing. Thousands of people all singing together to one God, hands in the air, eyes closed and singing as loud as possible because their is no judgement there. no-one cares how you worship or sing or praise God because thats not important. People feel free to worship their God, and thats what God wants for us - free and thoughtful worship where you give yourself fully to Him.

Now, taking one concert where there is a few thousand people stuck in a room. If thats a foretaste, Can you imagine what it will be like in heaven, when Jesus has conquered Satan and gatehred all His people together for the last time. This isnt a few thousand people anymore, its millions.
Can you imagine a few million people together, singing, praising and worshipping! We will be free of burden, unhappiness, evil and where we will love everyone and everything.
I dont know, but I get goosbumps just thinking about it.
Then....I imagine Jesus Christ, our Saviour, seated upon a donkey, just meandering through the millions of passionate worshippers in heaven. He is not boastful and proud, He is just so happy that His children are around Him, together...and He knows each and every single one of them personally.

I get tears in my eyes just thinking about our pure Saviour, walking through millions of people,  all the choirs, excellent christian bands, solo singers and others all together all singing and worshipping Him, and for what He did for us. You think a concert is awesome??

It will be the best noise - all in tune and all for our blessed redeemer!

I cant wait to be there, but I look forward to the times now on earth where I can practice for that time where we wont have to worry about anything, just praising Lord!
It makes me think of the Casting Crowns song "Lay our lives at His Feet!"


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Times with Jesus..

I have always wondered what it would be like today, staying in a small town somewhere, and you hear about a little baby being born in a shed.

Imagine walking along in the shopping malls and you are feeling sick, so you take a seat on one of the benches in the mall, where all of a sudden you notice a man walking past you surrounded by a bunch of other men. The man leading the group is dressed in normal clothing but seems to be different. There is something different about Him compared to the other people around Him. This man looks peaceful, the other people around Him look excited.

The man then sees you sitting on the bench, looking unhappy and ill, He comes up to you and asks how you are?
How do you react? Weird, you don't even know this person and yet He is asking how you are. You are also interested to note the way He is looking at you as He seems to be looking through you, its like....He knows you from somewhere.
As you answer Him, you feel the unhappy sick feeling lift from your body....
What on earth is going on?
Then He says to you, "Follow me!"     huh?

Sit back, take a minute and think a little about that situation. What would you say or do?

What is very interesting is that He is with us! He IS walking past us in a mall while we are sick and feeling unhappy, He is asking us how we are, He does know us (He created us) and he is telling us to get up and follow him.
There is 2 differences here:
  • First is that we cannot physically see Him, walking around with a group of people. In Spirit He is with us, ALL THE TIME, and He is doing the same "things" as He was when He was physically on earth as a human.
  • Second, We have already been saved. We have already been delivered from evil because this man has risen from the dead, risen from evil and defeated evil. He has suffered on our behalf, and now He is calling us to follow Him forever.
Just thought this would be an interesting story.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gods Healing Today

Last night was very special. I have been in a course called “The Alpha Course” for the last 9 weeks. On week 9, which is called the “Healing Week”, you normally find a strong presence of God.
Not that God isn’t present on other weeks, but on week 9 of the course, often you get somewhat of a visible manifestation of Gods healing power.
I am amazed every time during the course to see people grow from week  1 (where the groups form and everyone if weary of each other) to now. The bond between the groups are just amazing. And this is what prompted me to write this. Thoughts in my mind last night while we were all praying to God for healing..
There are many people in the world who need healing. In fact, most of us have something that needs healing, whether its something from the past, previous abuse, current abuse, a deformity etc. It doesn’t what it is, but it can be healed.
Jesus Healed when He was on earth in human form. It says so in His Word.
What I find interesting thought, is that healing sometimes happens straight away (even just talking to someone about an issue starts a process of healing) or it doesn’t happen at all.(or does it)
Last night, we didn’t have any breakthroughs. As a group, we were all praying to God for His Healing power to descend on us. We prayed for each group member specifically over issues they need healing for, but after prayer, they felt the same thing still there. SO did God not hear us? Did not God ignore us because we didn’t say the right words or have we done something so bad that God is refusing to heal us?
There is a big lie going around that the evil one wants us to believe. He wants us to believe that there is no hope for us. He says to us that we have done everything possible but now its just time to throw in the towel and give up. He says “Well you have prayed to your God, and what has He done? Nothing!”   He wants us to believe that and doubt.
Often, as humans, we want things to happen now. We want healing to happen now. We ask “Why isn’t it happening?” We begin to lose trust in God and fail to believe in His promises in the Bible.
But we are asked to persevere. I think most importantly, we are asked to trust God. Some people are not healed, we don’t know why…but we are asked to persevere and trust God.
Also, maybe we try and “heal” ourselves and not leave it up to God. We rely on our own healing and when it doesn’t happen, we blame God for it.
We cant expect to pray once and then God acts. Yes, this does happen, but sometimes we have to carry on praying, on and on, before healing takes place. This happened to Jesus  as well where He had to ask more than once for healing for someone. Take a look at Matthew 8:25 where Jesus had to lay His hands on the mans eyes AGAIN. Or in Mark 5:7-8 where Jesus commanded the Demons to leave the body of a man. It didn’t happen immediately and Jesus had to ask AGAIN.
If we don’t get healed immediately, we cannot give up. Continue in prayer, persevere, have faith and trust God. God may be saying something to you.
It is always Gods will to heal and He will….in His time, not in ours, should it be His will for us! Also if God doesn’t heal, we cannot automatically assume that we lack faith or the person we are praying for lacks faith.
The Alpha Course last night saw many people being healed, of emotional issues, physical issues and personal issues, but what nit also saw was the Spirit of God bring an inner peace to many that were there. The inner peace that just filled peoples hearts, an inner peace that comes only from God Spirit.
If you are looking for answers or for inner healing, one option is to come on an Alpha course. They are run worldwide in many countries, and millions of people have already attended and have have strengthened their relationships with God.
When we ask for Gods Spirit to come, it comes…but it will only come into your heart as mush as you allow it to.
TRUST and PERSEVERE. God is good, He heals, He comforts and He saves!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living in the "Now" with Jesus Christ.

SO often we get told not to live in the past but to live for the future, or sometimes you get told to live in the "NOW" moment.
Well, I believe that we should live in the "NOW" moment.

Living in the NOW moment allows you to change the way you tackle a present situation. Because you are currently in the situation (whatever it is), you can now decide what angle to handle the situation.
Do you handle it with a sense of fear? (meaning, do you retaliate at something or someone based on what they have said or done to you in the past?)
Do you handle it with a sense of love? (meaning, no matter what has happened in the past, you ignore it and extend a loving hand/attitude/way to another person or situation.)

By changing the way you live now based on the past, this tends to be based on a sense of fear. Fear about what has happened and fear about what is going to happen in the future. This will also mean, then, that your future has already been decided by your basing it on the past. You expect the future to be worse based on the past, you expect the future to be difficult because you don't have any hope in the current situation because you base everything you do and say with that bad sense of fear.
You have to change that!  How?

Well, two things.
  • First, forget the past. Whatever has happened is gone, you cannot change it. It is over. Yes it may have been hurtful, difficult, people may have said bad things to you and this happens to everyone, but why live your whole life with this in mind. You will just never get out of the fear circle and you will always be in retaliation mode, waiting for someone to say something bad/hurtful/ugly to you so you can have a quick comeback to make yourself feel stronger or more worthy. Isn't this ridiculous?  We all base our current lives on past events because we feel that we are handling them correctly, but just take a moment and go back to a confrontation you have had with someone before.
  • Involve the Holy Spirit. Its pointless involving the Holy Spirit in the past. That's gone. but you can ask the Holy Spirit to come into the present situation to guide, to comfort, to advise. You know the whole statement "WWDJ - What would Jesus do?" Well, you can do that if you forget the past while tackling a present situation and ask for the Spirit to fill you, give you a sense of direction. What will end up happening as that you will find yourself handling the situation alot different, only this time it will be out of love and not fear. The Holy Spirit is don't involved in fear and wants to bring love into your life and He wants you to show love when dealing with other (even though they may have caused hurt in the past)
Don't live your life for the past, but live it in the NOW, where you have control. You can decide how to handle a situation, with the Holy Spirit there.
What will happen, is that you will end up giving out love which will in turn see you having a whole ton of love coming straight back at you.

I write this because it is so true to my life. Dealing with current situations by thinking what happened in the past, what that person said to you 2 weeks ago, what they did to you, how they gossipped about you etc.
This has to be the most difficult thing - Showing love to someone who has caused you hurt before. But this is what the Spirit of God does, He mends relationships using the Fruit of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 - But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Give Love to Receive.

Love is an interesting thing. As humans, I think we wait to receive love from someone else before we give it out. Problem here is, often, many people do not give out love and don’t show it. What happens then…..we never give it out as we have never received it from others.
Notice the big bad circle?  Not sure about you, but I am stuck in it.
Getting away from the worldly way, lets try and turn this around. What we give, we receive more of. Make sense?   No?

Well, think of it this way. If we live in the past and remember things that happened in the past, we will be distressed and depressed. This then pushes us to predict the future with this same thought pattern and you get into an endless life of doom and gloom, no hope etc etc.
But if we live in the present moment, the NOW, ignoring the past and future, we don’t have a platform from which to base our thoughts, only a pure start, clean thoughts, thoughts in the NOW moment. And because we are all made in Gods image, His pure and loving image, that makes us automatically loving people. God made us to give out love, show love and receive love. Therefore the NOW moment that you are living in will allow you to give out love, because the depressing past is not effecting the way you think, but the goodness of God is directing your though pattern in the present moment.
Awesome???  Yes.    Easy??? Maybe.
Its hard to forget the past, but it is certainly possible I think.

Don’t let other people dictate what your thought patterns should be. Let your own heart dictate those. Your past has been dictated by others, let your present moment be dictated by yourself and God. What will end up happening is that you will start receiving love back in abundance from those you give it to and your future will then become one that you have control over and one filled with Hope and Love and excitement.
The reason I am writing this, is because today I am in a situation where I feel that I am trapped in that circle. I am letting the past dictate my present  thoughts and actions and not giving out love, the way I should be doing.

Normally if someone is confronted, their first instinct is to attack back. This is because they are basing their actions on fear. Fear that the other person is going to “WIN” or be better in the moment. So out of fear, we retaliate with unloving attacks. And so it goes on….
Don’t let fear dictate your actions and thoughts but rather let love be the dominating emotion. Its difficult yes but not impossible.
When you give love, you receive more back. Don’t let fear rule you but give out love in order to receive it back.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letting go of fear.

This topic really hits home for me.
Its difficult to give love  or to love people if you don't love yourself. In fact its probably impossible.

If you keep on thinking that you are not good or what people think of you or if you live in an "abusive" relationship where you are continually put down and told that you are useless or not good enough - How can you relay a feeling of love to someone else.
What ends up happening is that you develop a sense of fear, of everything, of people, of yourself.

What I mean here, is that you are so scared of what people think of you all the time, that you shut off from others. You tend to concentrate on what bad things people say to you, and ignore any good things that are said about you.
After a while, if people say something good about you, you cannot believe them as you have had the bad thoughts drummed into your head and you end believing that is the person you are! FEAR!

Love if letting go of fear! It is letting go of what others think of you and knowing that you are important! You are worthy, you are loved and you are here on earth for a reason! God made us, each individually, each for a purpose, we are made in his image and we are LOVED!!

I talk for myself here. I need to stop listening to others when they say hurtful things. It all becomes a big circle. When you absorb hurtful things from others, you start believing these things about yourself and you believe that the only way you can feel better about yourself is to say those hurtful things back to others....and it goes round, and round, and round, growing bigger, more stronger and more hurtful!  (What goes around comes around)
It has to stop, and you are the only person that can do that!
Stop doubting yourself.
God loves us so much, who cares what others think.

Whenever we hold on to past hurts and grievances, we don’t allow ourselves peace of mind or true happiness. We need to learn to let things go and to forgive ourselves and give up our guilt.
We need to let our reality create our thoughts, we cannot let our thoughts create reality.

What happens is we live our lives from the past and for the future, but ignore the current moment. We are so busy living a life that is based on what happened days/months/years ago and fearing the future in case something may happen. We base our living and thoughts on what has been drummed into our heads from the past that we believe that the future will be the same and then see no hope. We project the past into the future and believe that the future will be the same and see no hope.

We need to try understand that the world is a creation of our own mind and thoughts, then we can simply change our minds about what we see. I don't know how simple this may be, but it makes sense and is worth a try.
Fearing from things that have happened in the past starts breeding a new beast in your heart. What ends up happening that you end up judging others, concentrating on a small part of their action/personality that you disapprove with because it makes you feel better about yourself.
Judging becomes a habit!

I have to start ignoring the past, what happened, what was said and what I said and done. Live in the current moment like it it is the only moment you have.

If we are dwelling on our painful pasts and worrying about our futures, then we cannot live in peace and happiness in the current moment. We are constantly in a state of conflict and cannot be truly happy. Living in the moment is the key to happiness.

We have created everything we have in our lives. This means that the thoughts we have created in our minds has created a picture of how to deal with issues and people and situations. That picture that we have created will dictate how you handle situations. We need to change that "picture", and the way we deal with past hurts and the way we live in the current moment will change!

You have the choice, you can change your thought, you can ignore the past and you CAN live in the current moment. God is with us always. Ask Him into your life, ask Him to come into the current moment in your life!

May God Bless you as you read this.