Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gods Healing Today

Last night was very special. I have been in a course called “The Alpha Course” for the last 9 weeks. On week 9, which is called the “Healing Week”, you normally find a strong presence of God.
Not that God isn’t present on other weeks, but on week 9 of the course, often you get somewhat of a visible manifestation of Gods healing power.
I am amazed every time during the course to see people grow from week  1 (where the groups form and everyone if weary of each other) to now. The bond between the groups are just amazing. And this is what prompted me to write this. Thoughts in my mind last night while we were all praying to God for healing..
There are many people in the world who need healing. In fact, most of us have something that needs healing, whether its something from the past, previous abuse, current abuse, a deformity etc. It doesn’t what it is, but it can be healed.
Jesus Healed when He was on earth in human form. It says so in His Word.
What I find interesting thought, is that healing sometimes happens straight away (even just talking to someone about an issue starts a process of healing) or it doesn’t happen at all.(or does it)
Last night, we didn’t have any breakthroughs. As a group, we were all praying to God for His Healing power to descend on us. We prayed for each group member specifically over issues they need healing for, but after prayer, they felt the same thing still there. SO did God not hear us? Did not God ignore us because we didn’t say the right words or have we done something so bad that God is refusing to heal us?
There is a big lie going around that the evil one wants us to believe. He wants us to believe that there is no hope for us. He says to us that we have done everything possible but now its just time to throw in the towel and give up. He says “Well you have prayed to your God, and what has He done? Nothing!”   He wants us to believe that and doubt.
Often, as humans, we want things to happen now. We want healing to happen now. We ask “Why isn’t it happening?” We begin to lose trust in God and fail to believe in His promises in the Bible.
But we are asked to persevere. I think most importantly, we are asked to trust God. Some people are not healed, we don’t know why…but we are asked to persevere and trust God.
Also, maybe we try and “heal” ourselves and not leave it up to God. We rely on our own healing and when it doesn’t happen, we blame God for it.
We cant expect to pray once and then God acts. Yes, this does happen, but sometimes we have to carry on praying, on and on, before healing takes place. This happened to Jesus  as well where He had to ask more than once for healing for someone. Take a look at Matthew 8:25 where Jesus had to lay His hands on the mans eyes AGAIN. Or in Mark 5:7-8 where Jesus commanded the Demons to leave the body of a man. It didn’t happen immediately and Jesus had to ask AGAIN.
If we don’t get healed immediately, we cannot give up. Continue in prayer, persevere, have faith and trust God. God may be saying something to you.
It is always Gods will to heal and He will….in His time, not in ours, should it be His will for us! Also if God doesn’t heal, we cannot automatically assume that we lack faith or the person we are praying for lacks faith.
The Alpha Course last night saw many people being healed, of emotional issues, physical issues and personal issues, but what nit also saw was the Spirit of God bring an inner peace to many that were there. The inner peace that just filled peoples hearts, an inner peace that comes only from God Spirit.
If you are looking for answers or for inner healing, one option is to come on an Alpha course. They are run worldwide in many countries, and millions of people have already attended and have have strengthened their relationships with God.
When we ask for Gods Spirit to come, it comes…but it will only come into your heart as mush as you allow it to.
TRUST and PERSEVERE. God is good, He heals, He comforts and He saves!

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