Friday, November 16, 2012

What will it be like?

I have always wondwered what it wil be like in heaven. We know that there is no little white cloud that God sits on or that heaven is floating around somewhere.
But what is it like then.

I suppose one could turn to Gods Word for a few clues.  Heaven will be a place of endless happiness where we will be not be bound by sin anymore. It says in the Bible that we will be worshipping God:

Revelation 19:1-2 - After this I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting: “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God.....

Just a thought. Worhsipping God, singing to Him, praising Him. I have just watched the Casting Crowns concert "Until He hears."

In fact, watch any christian concert - notice the passion of everyone singing. Thousands of people all singing together to one God, hands in the air, eyes closed and singing as loud as possible because their is no judgement there. no-one cares how you worship or sing or praise God because thats not important. People feel free to worship their God, and thats what God wants for us - free and thoughtful worship where you give yourself fully to Him.

Now, taking one concert where there is a few thousand people stuck in a room. If thats a foretaste, Can you imagine what it will be like in heaven, when Jesus has conquered Satan and gatehred all His people together for the last time. This isnt a few thousand people anymore, its millions.
Can you imagine a few million people together, singing, praising and worshipping! We will be free of burden, unhappiness, evil and where we will love everyone and everything.
I dont know, but I get goosbumps just thinking about it.
Then....I imagine Jesus Christ, our Saviour, seated upon a donkey, just meandering through the millions of passionate worshippers in heaven. He is not boastful and proud, He is just so happy that His children are around Him, together...and He knows each and every single one of them personally.

I get tears in my eyes just thinking about our pure Saviour, walking through millions of people,  all the choirs, excellent christian bands, solo singers and others all together all singing and worshipping Him, and for what He did for us. You think a concert is awesome??

It will be the best noise - all in tune and all for our blessed redeemer!

I cant wait to be there, but I look forward to the times now on earth where I can practice for that time where we wont have to worry about anything, just praising Lord!
It makes me think of the Casting Crowns song "Lay our lives at His Feet!"



  1. "It will be the best noise" I dont know why but I really love this phrase!

  2. I cannot get this out of my head. If noise could ever be "in tune", this will be the time!
    Goosebumps still remain :)