Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Give Love to Receive.

Love is an interesting thing. As humans, I think we wait to receive love from someone else before we give it out. Problem here is, often, many people do not give out love and don’t show it. What happens then…..we never give it out as we have never received it from others.
Notice the big bad circle?  Not sure about you, but I am stuck in it.
Getting away from the worldly way, lets try and turn this around. What we give, we receive more of. Make sense?   No?

Well, think of it this way. If we live in the past and remember things that happened in the past, we will be distressed and depressed. This then pushes us to predict the future with this same thought pattern and you get into an endless life of doom and gloom, no hope etc etc.
But if we live in the present moment, the NOW, ignoring the past and future, we don’t have a platform from which to base our thoughts, only a pure start, clean thoughts, thoughts in the NOW moment. And because we are all made in Gods image, His pure and loving image, that makes us automatically loving people. God made us to give out love, show love and receive love. Therefore the NOW moment that you are living in will allow you to give out love, because the depressing past is not effecting the way you think, but the goodness of God is directing your though pattern in the present moment.
Awesome???  Yes.    Easy??? Maybe.
Its hard to forget the past, but it is certainly possible I think.

Don’t let other people dictate what your thought patterns should be. Let your own heart dictate those. Your past has been dictated by others, let your present moment be dictated by yourself and God. What will end up happening is that you will start receiving love back in abundance from those you give it to and your future will then become one that you have control over and one filled with Hope and Love and excitement.
The reason I am writing this, is because today I am in a situation where I feel that I am trapped in that circle. I am letting the past dictate my present  thoughts and actions and not giving out love, the way I should be doing.

Normally if someone is confronted, their first instinct is to attack back. This is because they are basing their actions on fear. Fear that the other person is going to “WIN” or be better in the moment. So out of fear, we retaliate with unloving attacks. And so it goes on….
Don’t let fear dictate your actions and thoughts but rather let love be the dominating emotion. Its difficult yes but not impossible.
When you give love, you receive more back. Don’t let fear rule you but give out love in order to receive it back.

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