Thursday, November 15, 2012

Times with Jesus..

I have always wondered what it would be like today, staying in a small town somewhere, and you hear about a little baby being born in a shed.

Imagine walking along in the shopping malls and you are feeling sick, so you take a seat on one of the benches in the mall, where all of a sudden you notice a man walking past you surrounded by a bunch of other men. The man leading the group is dressed in normal clothing but seems to be different. There is something different about Him compared to the other people around Him. This man looks peaceful, the other people around Him look excited.

The man then sees you sitting on the bench, looking unhappy and ill, He comes up to you and asks how you are?
How do you react? Weird, you don't even know this person and yet He is asking how you are. You are also interested to note the way He is looking at you as He seems to be looking through you, its like....He knows you from somewhere.
As you answer Him, you feel the unhappy sick feeling lift from your body....
What on earth is going on?
Then He says to you, "Follow me!"     huh?

Sit back, take a minute and think a little about that situation. What would you say or do?

What is very interesting is that He is with us! He IS walking past us in a mall while we are sick and feeling unhappy, He is asking us how we are, He does know us (He created us) and he is telling us to get up and follow him.
There is 2 differences here:
  • First is that we cannot physically see Him, walking around with a group of people. In Spirit He is with us, ALL THE TIME, and He is doing the same "things" as He was when He was physically on earth as a human.
  • Second, We have already been saved. We have already been delivered from evil because this man has risen from the dead, risen from evil and defeated evil. He has suffered on our behalf, and now He is calling us to follow Him forever.
Just thought this would be an interesting story.

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