Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ask for the Holy Spirit...Are we serious?

As a Christian, we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit right?
Sometime we pray for the Holy Spirit to do these things:
  • Come as fire
  • Fill us
  • Come into our hearts and fill us with the fire of the Spirit.
  • Other phrases.
What happens then? The Holy Spirit takes our word for it and comes. Why you ask?  Because He promised that He would!
Sometimes when we pray for others and ask for the Spirit to come and fill them. When He does, and certain things happen like: someone starts talking in tongues or a person falls over or any manifestation of the Spirit happens, straight away we think, "Is that the devil?"
The devil must sit back and think this is the biggest joke around. He probably laughs his head off..
We ask the Spirit to come in and take control, but as soon as something happens, we think it may be the devil.
Does the Spirit actually take control?

I have experienced people falling over, shouting, laughing, screaming and I have fallen over myself. It happens in many different ways and when it does, people cannot believe that its God.
Why do we find it strange from the Creator of this universe, someone who hold us in His hand.
People say that they feel the wind of the Spirit blowing on actually feels like a strong wind blowing in your face.
People always seem to give Satan more credit for being able to deceive us, than we give God credit for being able to bless us.

Look how un-normal Jesus' miracles looked like. What do you think the disciples thought or experienced when Jesus healed a blind person and His eyes just opened.....or when Lazarus was brought back from the dead (He literally walked out of the grave).
Why are we then, sent into a spiral of disbelief when someone talks funny or falls over or starts laughing uncontrollably when the Holy Spirit comes?
Again I say, When you ask the Holy Spirit to come...He comes!! EVERYTIME!

But then also when we pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to come and heal someone or to heal yourself from something (addictions, family problems, anger etc)....We expect God to do it all right now, immediately. Our time!  No....His time!
And this is really just a question, but doesn't the Lord do some healing in His own time and slow so we keep coming back to Him. Instead of just "healing" us so that we can get back to our lives and ignore God until we need Him again, we keep coming back to Him for prayer, and help. What do you think?

What happened to trusting the Lord? If it is His will, and you ask for it...It WILL be done. Take control of the situation you are in. When praying in the Spirit, I believe all you have to do is have God on your side. You need to earnestly believe that God is in control and that any manifestations are from Him.
As for the devil...well sorry for you. You come second best!

Bless all of you who seek the Holy Spirit and who trust that the Lord is everything!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Gods Time!

How many times have you not received an immediate answer after praying.
You ask questions like "Where is God?"
"Why isn't He listening to me?"
"Does He exist?"

You know, how many times do you hear someone or people moaning because they just don't have enough time in the day. They cant accomplish anything or finish anything because they just don't have enough time. but then you see and hear about other people that get so much done, also have a full time job and  accomplish so much ie. giving of their time and giving of themselves to others in need.
How does that work?

No matter how hard we try it always seems as though we are not managing our time well.
It says in Psalm 24 that everything in this earth is Gods (incl. our time).
So, our time is His! God has giving us the freedom to choose what we do with the time, but it is still His. You can decide to go to church or when to go on holiday or read the Bible etc...
Everything you do, the money you earn, the things you get, the things you give to others are all Gods.
But, you say, it is mine. "I bought it". Think about where the opportunity of getting the money came from?

Everyone has the same time on this earth but its our discipline and stewardship of that time that differs between all of us. Your priorities determine how you use your time.
Example: God created a Day of Rest. The Sabbath day! What do you do on Gods Sabbath day? Do you rest? Priorities?

We need to align ourselves to gods priorities, not ours. Gods priorities are:
1. God
2. Others and ourselves

We must love God with all our heart and soul. That is what we should have as our first priority. God should be first in everything we do, think and say! Spend time with Him in prayer and worship and studying His word. But don't push God to only 1 day a week even. god should be No.1 everyday.

Then we need to prioritize others. This should be in the order of Spouse then children and then work and other relationships.
We cant say that we know that our family loves us...Show them!

We have to take care of ourselves. We are walking temples of the Holy Spirit. When we get reborn, God plants a seed in our hearts which we need to nurture and grow. We do this through faith and relationship with God through Jesus. God gives us His Holy Spirit in us so that we may put aside our own priorities and concentrate on Him. The Holy Spirit is a promise from God...IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU!

Think about how much time you spend on your own priorities and then calculate how you can change that.
Also when we pray to God, He does listen, He does act! It may not be in our time and that doesn't mean that He isn't doing something. God works in secret.
Take the birth of a baby for example. It takes 9 months for that baby to form and become a perfect child of God. the baby is secretly created inside of another body.
God is at Work!

When we pray, Know that God is listening and know that He will act, be it part of His will for your life!
Bless You.

Monday, March 4, 2013

God in Everything

The ideas taken from the son called “Everything”.(Song by Tim Hughes)

Have you ever thought of God in everything? I tend to put God in a box. Its like, He will be in a place when I want Him to be, when I need Him, when I see Him there but in other places I don’t even think about Him?

Then, when in the middle of prayer or bible study, do I realize that I haven’t included Gog in everything during my day. In fact I have excluded Him from most things in my day and have only thought about Him when I need Him.
Reading the words to this great song, it just reminds me of how we should be thinking about God…..In Everything!
Lets break it down….

God in my living – Do you trust God in your living? Or do you trust yourself? Works of the flesh equal frustration. We tend to control everything ourselves, doing better at work, finishing a project on time, keeping the boss happy or calculating the companies balance sheet correctly, but when do we include God in this? What will probably happen is that you  burn yourself out trying to accomplish everything on your own. We must rely on God Grace and deepen our faith in Him.
God in my breathing – When we get ourselves worked up, tense or angry, our breathing tends to get quicker and shorter. This is not good. Again, it means we are trying to accomplish things ourselves and not letting God in on our movements and decisions. Ask God to come into the situation, and your God-given breathe will become slower, more relaxed and deeper because God is in control.

God in my waking – They say that the first thoughts that you wake up with in the morning tend to control your mood and emotions for the rest of the day. Therefore wake up with happy thoughts. Think about Gods work in your life, ask Him to fill you with His Spirit this day. The thoughts about God will resonate with you for the rest of the day and you will have a more relaxed and calmer time.
God in my sleeping – Jesus said that He will come like a thief in the night. Be ready for Him. Pray before you close your eyes. When you fall asleep, know that Jesus could come at anytime. Let Him be the last thought in our mind and let Him  be the first thought in your mind when you wake up. After all, He does deserve it!

There in my working – Let God be apart of everything you do at your workplace. Involve Him in your meetings and decisions, Ask Him to guide you with difficult people, ask Him to come into difficult situations or projects. When getting to you workplace, Ask Gods blessing and peace over the building and the people in it. [ray that God may bring a sense of His peace over the entire day and everything and everyone in it that you may encounter.
God in my thinking – This is difficult, because our minds tend to wonder, whatever we do. Think about God being involved in what you are doing. For example if you are driving, ask God to protect you, ask Him to be with the other drivers on the road, ask Him to bless your mode of transport. If you are stuck in traffic, ask Him to reveal some more of Himself to you. This certainly makes driving in traffic so much more peaceful with nice thoughts.

God in my speaking – The tongue is the most powerful organ in our bodies. We can hurt so many people with what we say. We cannot take it back. Pray to God and ask Him to control our words, the things we say, the things we don’t say and the things we should be saying like complimenting others and  blessing others. After all, 2 words can make another person whole day and how difficult is it to say 2 words?
Let God control your life in everything you do and say. Go to asleep with Him in your thoughts and Wake up with Him in your mind…You cannot ask for a better way to start your day!