Monday, March 4, 2013

God in Everything

The ideas taken from the son called “Everything”.(Song by Tim Hughes)

Have you ever thought of God in everything? I tend to put God in a box. Its like, He will be in a place when I want Him to be, when I need Him, when I see Him there but in other places I don’t even think about Him?

Then, when in the middle of prayer or bible study, do I realize that I haven’t included Gog in everything during my day. In fact I have excluded Him from most things in my day and have only thought about Him when I need Him.
Reading the words to this great song, it just reminds me of how we should be thinking about God…..In Everything!
Lets break it down….

God in my living – Do you trust God in your living? Or do you trust yourself? Works of the flesh equal frustration. We tend to control everything ourselves, doing better at work, finishing a project on time, keeping the boss happy or calculating the companies balance sheet correctly, but when do we include God in this? What will probably happen is that you  burn yourself out trying to accomplish everything on your own. We must rely on God Grace and deepen our faith in Him.
God in my breathing – When we get ourselves worked up, tense or angry, our breathing tends to get quicker and shorter. This is not good. Again, it means we are trying to accomplish things ourselves and not letting God in on our movements and decisions. Ask God to come into the situation, and your God-given breathe will become slower, more relaxed and deeper because God is in control.

God in my waking – They say that the first thoughts that you wake up with in the morning tend to control your mood and emotions for the rest of the day. Therefore wake up with happy thoughts. Think about Gods work in your life, ask Him to fill you with His Spirit this day. The thoughts about God will resonate with you for the rest of the day and you will have a more relaxed and calmer time.
God in my sleeping – Jesus said that He will come like a thief in the night. Be ready for Him. Pray before you close your eyes. When you fall asleep, know that Jesus could come at anytime. Let Him be the last thought in our mind and let Him  be the first thought in your mind when you wake up. After all, He does deserve it!

There in my working – Let God be apart of everything you do at your workplace. Involve Him in your meetings and decisions, Ask Him to guide you with difficult people, ask Him to come into difficult situations or projects. When getting to you workplace, Ask Gods blessing and peace over the building and the people in it. [ray that God may bring a sense of His peace over the entire day and everything and everyone in it that you may encounter.
God in my thinking – This is difficult, because our minds tend to wonder, whatever we do. Think about God being involved in what you are doing. For example if you are driving, ask God to protect you, ask Him to be with the other drivers on the road, ask Him to bless your mode of transport. If you are stuck in traffic, ask Him to reveal some more of Himself to you. This certainly makes driving in traffic so much more peaceful with nice thoughts.

God in my speaking – The tongue is the most powerful organ in our bodies. We can hurt so many people with what we say. We cannot take it back. Pray to God and ask Him to control our words, the things we say, the things we don’t say and the things we should be saying like complimenting others and  blessing others. After all, 2 words can make another person whole day and how difficult is it to say 2 words?
Let God control your life in everything you do and say. Go to asleep with Him in your thoughts and Wake up with Him in your mind…You cannot ask for a better way to start your day!




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  2. Hi there. Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that these little thoughts are proving interesting to others.
    I love you website. So true what you say. I think its a common misconception with many people..
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