Thursday, January 10, 2013

Facing Your Fears

Often you end up, every new year, making all sorts of new year resolutions which are not kept. Admit it, how many times have you said to yourself that you will lose those extra pounds or you will sort our your work life (be more proactive), be a better father, go to gym,attend church every Sunday etc etc etc..
It so funny to see sometimes how full our churches are in January and February and then they slowly they start getting emptier as the year goes on..

Here's 2 thoughts:
  • Have you ever had that feeling where you have gained the courage to finally confront someone about something they did to you years ago and tell them.......but it never happens?
  • Here's another one..Have you ever felt that your faith journey with Christ is starting to dwindle or you feel that you could do more to strengthen it and you promise yourself that this is the year that you will walk stronger with God in your journey.......But it just never happens or rather I should say, your journey remains the same as it always has been.
We do these things because we are human. We get into habits which we struggle to get out of (Especially if they are ones where we are comfortable in).
We don't like to face difficult things. We find it uncomfortable to have to leave things behind that we are used to having around. Sometimes these things get us stuck in a bad habit or "ritual" that diverts us away from where God wants us to go.

Being a Christian is not easy - Lets say "Its not for sissies!"
But, being a Christian is rewarding, very rewarding......and its worth the difficulties.
If you commit any part of your life to God, no doubt you will have to sacrifice some part of your life in order to follow Gods ways, because we are so used to living in 'bad' habits which are not of God, that we find it extremely difficult to give up certain things when we want to strengthen our journey in Christ.

If we hold onto our fears and habits, we will end up turning our back to God, who is our source of comfort - and we will not find comfort. This is why we experience difficult times which we feel we cannot get out of, its because we have turned against Gods will for our lives in a situation.
This doesn't mean that we cant get out of it. Because our God is such a gracious God, He will always accept us as we are, with all our issues and bad habits and when we are sincere in our turning away from bad, we will see the good.

Ask God for His comfort. If you feel yourself turning away from God and getting back into your old habits, do this.
If you feel have totally lost the plot and need help, do this.
If you are struggling with breaking a bad habit because you want to walk closer to God, do this.

God is a God of compassion and comfort.
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