Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas past

As we recently celebrated the birthday of our Saviour Jesus Christ, it makes me think of all the hype that the world has just gone through leading up t Christmas Day. The shops and malls were jam-packed with people And kids all shopping for presents for their loved ones, families, friends etc.

Whilst this is really fun and Christmas day is normally a really awesome day where family gets together over a good lunch and shares some laughs, lets share some thought on two topics that are often forgotten or left to the wayside.

1. For people that have lost loved ones and are alone, whether they are in old age homes, on the street because they don't have a home or people who families who are not close....this period that has past is often the most depressing and difficult period for them.
Yes, we know there are many poor people on this earth, around us, but I know that Jesus would want them to be able to celebrate His birthday with people that can afford big lunches and Christmas presents.  What I mean here is that Jesus would want us to all celebrate His birthday together, not only the "rich" people that can afford it. his birthday is not about money....It's about HIM! It's about given Jesus the time to say Thanks for everything He has done for us. This doesn't rely on how much money you have or don't have, which is the problem our society has today. All the 'rich' people Are able to get together and have fun on Jesus' birthday and be happy...but then there is another side to this that many other people are sad and lonely.

2. If we took half the amount of money we all spent on all the Christmas presents we bought each other and shared it with those less fortunate, I believe that this would give a bit of hope, happiness and light to people who may not even know the meaning of Christmas or may not even care to celebrate it because they are so lonely. It's not about giving money to people but rather giving them a bit of time. Now obviously I don't necessarily think think it a good idea to buy our little kiddies smaller presents, because children don't understand, but as adults, do we really need to have big expensive Christmas presents (often they are things we don't need because the person you are buying for has everything or you are so stressed by Christmas time and rushed that you just end up going to the shop and buying something for a person even if you are not sure that they will enjoy it or need it).

The Lord, who came to earth as a mere carpenter with no expensive mansion, had little to His name....but you know what....he had our lives in His hands. All He cared about was others, not himself. He died on earth for others. All His time on earth was for others.

If we could spend a little more of ours for others over Jesus birthday, can you imagine what kind of difference that would make to our population.


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