Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dont give Satan a foothold...(In the Situation)

I often think to myself how the devil tries to get involved in your life and how he causes a rift between myself and my walk with God. How does he actually squeeze into my daily life so that I walk away from God for a moment.
He is very cunning. In fact all the good that God is, is totally the opposite for the devil, and He will try anything to stop you concentrating on what God wants for your life.

What the devil does is He tries to make you dwell on the current situation at hand. This could be a good or bad situation, but He will always try and turn it so you doubt yourself. He puts worry in our mind at the situation.
He wants us to worry about what is happening. Say, for example, you pull up at a shop and you notice a begger sitting by the shop entrance asking for money. You want to take out some cash to give to the begger because you have good thoughts and you feel its right.
Immediately the devil jumps in and tells you that you shouldnt give money to that person because they will spend it on alcohol/cigarettes etc. SO you end up not giving anything....

When you sin, and we all do, the devil will immediately make you believe that God is angry with you and is going to punish you for that sin. He will also make you beleive that you are not good enough for the almighty God and that you just sin too much to accepted by God.
The devil puts thoughts in our mind to doubt the love/grace and faith of God. In fact He tries to make us believe that God is an angry, punishing and unforgiving God.

Sometimes, satan will get you to believe that your current situation is too big for God. Your situation is so bador huge, that it is out of Gods hands and that He actually cannot do anything about it anymore, its left up to you.

Satan tries to get us to dwell on money in our situation. He makes you think that money is the only way out of a situation and that the more money we can make the more weel off we will be.
Money is an idol, and we are told in the Bible that we are not to worship any idol. This is why satan tries to get us to turn. Money cannot change circumstance, only God can.

Satan also tries to create a wedge between family and friends. A friend may say something which was meant purely out of jest, but satan will put a thought in your mind which says "take exception to that thought." You get upset andthe wedge starts.
Satan doesnt want families to be close and he tries everything and anything to cause rifts on families.The statment "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" sometimes does have its truths but the devil adds onto that statement and tries to exagerate the word ABSENCE.

We need to get to know the sources that satan uses to wedge a gap between us and what God wants for us. The key to identifying a satanic trap is to look at the principles underlying the situation.
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