Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gods Mission for us.

When last did you pray for God to reveal His way for your life?
Have you ever asked Him how to get on line with His way for your life?
Do you want God to reveal to you what His mission for you is?

I certainly do. It is something that I pray for often. I want to know where I am going and when it is to happen. Basically its knowing the future, but Gods future for us.

Wouldnt it be great knowing this, so We could "prepare" ourselves and change whatever it is
that we are doing, to fit into Gods line for our life?
But, are we supposed to know what Gods mission for us is?

Well, put it this way, God has not revealed to me yet what His mission for my life is...and I dont know if He is going to in the future.
But havent I got this all the wrong way around...

Surely God needs us to obey Him and follow His guidance,follow His calling, follow His Spirit.
Is it really up to us to figure out what the mission for our life is, or is that Gods problem?
We were given the Holy Spirit when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour. The Holy Spirit is God in Spirit and he is around us all the time, prompting us to do ceryain things, go to certain
places and say certain things.

We should be in tune with the Spirit, because when we are, it means that we are obeying Gods guidance and starting to live a life that He wants.....and this
in turn becomes His mission for us.
Our job is to trust the Lord with all our heart, it is not to try and firgure out what He wants for us! There is no reason to try figure everything out, because that is Gods job to do.
He promised us. (See Psalm 32:8)

  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, prompt you, talk to you.
If you dont feel the Spirit, when last did you pray to God and ask Him for His Spirit to guide you, fill you and help you?
Thought provoking.

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