Monday, July 9, 2012

Attractiveness of the Holy Spirit

Our church runs  a course called "The Alpha Course".
The whole reason for this course is to bring people to Christ, to explain in easy terms who Jesus is, what He did for us and what there is in store for us in the future.

The whole back round of this course is the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit hovering over the weekly meetings, the course just wouldn't mean anything. And my Word, what a difference the Holy Spirit makes.

Anyway, they just had their alpha weekend this past weekend, where I wasn't able to attend :(
I am heartbroken. Its so hard reading all the messages about how people enjoyed it, how people were transformed and how much of the Holy Spirit can come when you ask Him to come!
What an experience!

My point here is that once you have received the Holy Spirit, it is addictive. Jesus Christ has a nature that is so addictive. A nature that just says out loud, "Come to me! Ask me! Open your Heart to me!".
Once you let Jesus come into your heart, He doesn't sit back and say, "Well he didn't ask well enough or he didn't say the right words."
When you ask the Holy Spirit to come, HE COMES!

The things I have seen the Holy Spirit do on weekends like these is just mind boggling. How peoples minds and feelings can be totally changed from what they used to think.
Physically seeing people healed, not just physically, but spiritually healed!
When I cannot attend a weekend like this, my heart longs to be there. To experience what the Holy spirit does, what He is, worshipping Him, singing to Him, praising Him and just spending quiet time with Him.
The Holy Spirit has an attractive nature. He wants more of you when you want more of Him.
Praise God for His spirit, Praise God for His mercy and grace and praise God that we as sinning humans can experience Him anytime, anywhere. Just ask!
And its not just about worshipping God at any single point, its about fellowshipping with other people who are in the same boat, whom have possibly questioned the existence of Jesus Christ, who come from difficult backgrounds. Its amazing to be with these people, to experience yourself what God can do when we ask His presence!

Praise the Lord our God.
May everyone who is part of the fellowship of Christ and those people who have just given the lives to Christ, may they live forever in the Holy Spirit and be attracted to His nature!

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