Monday, February 11, 2013

Holy Spirit and Prayer

What influence does the Holy Spirit have in our prayer?
Do we need the Spirit while we prayer?

Have you ever knelt down to pray and felt like you are speaking to the wall. I certainly have. Seem times when I pray, and it could be anywhere, it seems that the what I am asking for, praying for, thanking for and confessing for is just all in the air and no one is listening.
There comes certain times when I feel in tune with God but then there are other times when I feel that He isn't there and that He is not even interested in what I am saying because He has probably heard it all before.
So the plain answer here I think is that God always listens. He never turns His back on us. If you are a child of God, or not, God will never turn Hs back on you. He always wants to hear what you have to say and even though He knows your situation and what you are going to ask, it doesn't mean that He doesn't care.
All those feelings I have are normal I think, but they need to be changed. We a weak as humans. We cannot understand the whole ignoring thing we feel from God, and this is a Aston why He gives us His Spirit.  The Holy Spirit teaches us all things and for this reason we will be taught how to trust that God is  listening to us all the time.
Another reason why God gave us the Holy Spirit is because, as humans, we are too weak to carry the burdens of life. We are too weak to face the trails and tribulations of this world and we cannot hold on our shoulders all the hate in the world and that which we get involved in. The Holy Spirit carries this for us.
The Holy Spirit also  acts as an intercession between us and God. We do not know how to pray properly, not one person can. We are weak in knowledge, we don't know what to say to God sometimes and our groanings are taken upon the Spirit and given to God.

Thanks to God and His Spirit, we can come boldly to the throne of God and ask God for anything. Nothing we say is misunderstood and everything we say is heard. The Spirit of God takes the load off our shoulders and allows to be free from burden.
So when we get told to pray "in the Spirit", allow the Spirit of God to take your burdens, complaints, moans, requests and thanks to will have free access to the throne of grace.

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