Monday, January 6, 2014

Lukes Gospel - Introduction

I find Luke's gospel very thorough. I am studying at the moment and I find that his gospel tells better of the life of Christ than any of the other gospels. Towards the end of Luke, He explains how the disciples were sent out and heal, love, make peace and bring joy.

Did you know:
  • Luke based His gospel on eye-witnesses and evidence given to him. He wasn't around at the time when Jesus roamed the earth. These eye-witnesses being disciples and people that experienced first hand this man called Jesus and even saw and spoke to Him during His life on earth and after His resurrection.
  • Luke was written around AD 62
  • Luke also explains that His gospel is based on truth and that He has carefully put it together after much investigation with key witnesses.
But what grabs my attention even more so, is right at the beginning of His gospel in Luke 1 verse 1.
Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us...

Luke tells us that there were many people trying to write about this man called Jesus. They were all wanting to tell others about what Jesus did and how amazing He was. The miracles He did were something never seen before. Of course you would want to write about this man.
The problem with a lot of these so-called writings is that they have been lost through time (or not found), and this is why Luke wanted to have his version based on truth and evidence so that He could portray many of these writings together into one "story".

Jesus must have been one amazing guy to have created such a stir and frenzy.

As I go through the gospel, I will blog about some of the detail I pick up and I would love to have your opinion as well.

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