Monday, December 10, 2012

Love...something we do!

So they say Love is an emotion....but is it really.
If love was an emotion, then God couldn't just command it in His Word.
God tells us to love others. He tells us not to just show love...but to BE love!

Emotions cannot be commanded, they are felt and shown, but you cannot tell someone that they MUST feel an emotion - like 'BE SAD NOW!'

Being Love?? What is that?

1 John 3:18 tells us to show love in our actions and not just speak love in what we say to each other.
Its easy to tell someone you love them. Sometimes its used as a 'get of jail' card, because it makes you feel better about yourself and mostly makes the other person feel better (Does it really?)
Love is also a skill that can be learned. If you are not a loving person, you can learn how to love or feel loved. Love can be practised. God wants us to be excellent lovers, not good lovers. He wants us to 'action' love, not just 'talk' love.
1 Timothy 4:15 tell us to practise love so that we can become better at it.

So how do we show love?
This is difficult for me because I know I am one of those people that hardly shows love when I need to. I go quiet and then people think I am rude or don't like them. What is the point of that?
We are called to show our love for others. (And here's the hard part - Even if we don't like them.)

The only way you can love someone is by you choosing to love them. You cannot falsely show love, like telling someone that you love them when you actually don't. The other person may feel loved for that moment, but after awhile they will see right through you. rather be true to yourself. Love is a choice and a commitment!. You choose to love someone!
You may be attracted to someone,but that doesn't mean you love them.

Lets see how Jesus showed love, as He is our role model:
  • COMPASSION - Be attentive to others needs wherever, whenever.Jesus wasn't too busy for people.
  • LISTEN - When people talk, listen to them. Hear what they have to say. If you don't understand what they are saying, ask them. Don't act interested, Be interested!
  • CELEBRATE - with others. When someone tells you an achievement that they have accomplished, celebrate with them.Show them that you care. When someone tells you that they have given their life to Christ, this has to be the biggest celebration ever!
  • FORGIVENESS - Forgive others. If someone wrongs you, forgive them. Tell them you forgive them.
  • HUMOROUS - Jesus wasn't this serious man that walked on earth, healed people, never smiled and then walked away. Jesus sat with others, spoke and LAUGHED with them. People relate with laughter. People relax with laughter as being surrounded in happiness helps drop the barriers of stress and tension between people.
  • LOYAL - When you say you will do something, DO IT. Be loyal to others. Let them know they can trust you. Trust is earned, not expected.
I think this all comes down to welcoming one another into your life. I don't mean telling them all your problems and bearing down on them, but be open to anyone. Thin/fat/regardless of race/colour/sexual orientation etc. We are called by God to open our lives to others, care for others, help others....Be the Good Samaritan. Imagine a world if everyone cared for everyone?
Embrace people with open arms (even in difficult situations!)

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