Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trapped By Sin..

Trapped. Committing the same sin time and time again. Being fearful, angry, mocking, gossiping, porn etc etc. These are all examples of addictions that we may have....addictions that we feel that we cannot get out of and they control us.
When confronted with the situation, for example you want to look at porn, it makes you feel better to do it than not to.
You think, God isn't looking. Its only a a small look... We fool ourselves!

Satan makes us believe that it isn't bad, that its what humans do and that God "wont mind" if we do it again, just that once more.   Theres a problem right there!

I feel, sometimes, that my strength is weaker than my sin.
No matter how much you may try, you just cannot get out of that recurring sin. You try, and really concentrate, BUT it does not go away.

Maybe it because we are trying to get away from it....without God. We, as humans, are sinful.
We know this, because Adam went against God in the Garden, and from that moment, the human race entered into a sinful thought pattern in a sinful world. We cannot get away from it.
We are not strong enough to do this alone!
We need God.We need a Divine intervener
If we could do this alone, then there wouldn't be a need for a divine intervener, a Jesus or a Spirit!
Hey, we would be awesome....But we're not!

Did you know that every time you prayed to God for help to get out of your habitual sinning that He heard you? Did you further know that He provided a solution to your problem?
Maybe we remain trapped in the same sin is because we keep the sin to ourselves and don't tell anyone about it. We try "sort" it out ourselves instead of turning toour fellow christian family to help out.
In Galatians 6 it says that " we who are spiritual need to restore them". That means that we, the christian family, need to help our fellow Christians.

The best thing then is maybe to surround ourselves with strong christian faith. People who are like minded. Expose our wrong doings, and fellowship with them....together, sin will be defeated. We cannot tackle Satan alone, but in a group of christian believers, Satan has no chance.

I don't know if this makes sense because it sounds a little crazy while writing it, but I would love to know your thoughts.

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