Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gods Light

I was watching a series called 'Cosmos' the other day and at the beginning of the first episode, the narrator goes on about planets and space and just big it all is.
Our little earth is so small compared to just a planet like Saturn or Jupiter and there are so many stars around that we don't see, shining bright. These planets are so far from each other, we are talking millions of miles away from each other.

And then, the narrator takes us further out an shows just our galaxy. Our galaxy consists of all these planets and stars an all sorts of beautiful creations. As He goes further into 'space', our galaxy becomes smaller and smaller, and then another galaxy pops onto the screen, one just like ours, also in in its own - has millions of stars and planets. And as the go further and further away, these galaxies start appearing on the screen, hundreds of them, now so many that each of them look like stars themselves.

Our universe is so vast! We dot know where it ends.
But what struck me in this programme, is the narrator said something which explained that we don't even know what is further out  there, because we haven't been around long enough on earth to see the light of these objects in space even reach us.
Everything in space is measured in light years (The distance it takes light to travel in one year ie: 9,460,528,400,000 kilometres per year).
Everyday, new objects and stars appear to us on earth all of a sudden as their light reaches us. They are trillions and trillions of miles away, and one day, their light just appears and we give it a name.

Makes me wonder...One day, the un-imaginable light of this huge source will reach us. A light that is so crystal clear and bright that we wont be able to even look at it with our 'earthly eyes'.
Right now, that light is travelling at thousands of kilometers per hour to get to us, and when it reaches us, our world (as we know it) will change forever.
This light is the light of God. So bright, so beautiful! It will reach us - and consume our world today!
I look forward to this day, when the light of God shines on us, and the entire universe (of which we know little about) will be displayed!

Jesus - We wait for your second beautiful appearance!


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