Monday, September 17, 2012

Excitement of Serving God

Serving God is not a chore and it shouldn't never become a painful experience.
If it does, then you are not serving God, your are serving yourself.

Those people who are truthfully called to serve in any manner, this could be ministry, evangelism, helping the elderly/poor, handing out pamphlets, making tea...whatever.....Those people that are committed doing it and enjoy doing it, are doing it for God.

To me, it is so exciting to serve God. We are all called to serve in different ways, none of which are better than another. We all serve together and make up one body. If one of those pieces is missing, then the body cannot function correctly.

I am about to embark on a journey with Christ with a bunch of other people, some of whom I know very well and many of whom I have never met. I am extremely excited. To be able to serve God with others who are serving for the same purpose is awesome.

At my church, we run a course called Alpha. Alpha is really a "tutorial" or introduction to the fundamental believes of the christian faith. Many people that attend the alpha course come from varied backgrounds and believes.
Some people know Jesus and some don't, but what is good about serving on a course like this is that everyone is here for a purpose, and that is know God better and for those who don't know God, to understand who God is. What is amazing to see is the fellowship between many different types of religious backgrounds in one room together. It is not a course where all the answers are given in a 'question and answer' type style, but rather, guests are able to deduce answers for themselves.
Alpha has seen many many people turn to Christ, and I love being apart of that. The excitement of serving Christ is not for our benefit, but it is only to glorify God. The benefit for us is to experience the love, transformation, kindness, mending broken hearts - and just watch God work in those people that are looking for purpose.

No-one can tell me that Serving God is boring. He just puts something in your heart, and once you are hooked, there is no looking back!
Praise be to God, our almighty! May every single guest that going to be attending the alpha course now in the future be blessed and truly experience the love of God.

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