Friday, September 28, 2012

Judging Christians...

I sometimes get deeply saddened by others who see people as christians and wait for them to do something wrong. Its like they watch christians, just waiting for them to do something that is not christian and then are very quick to point a finger at them.
Are christians perfect??
When you become a christian, does it mean that you cant enjoy yourself?
Do christians not make mistakes?

The answer, in my mind, to all the questions above is NO!

Who gives another person the right to judge me or another person, christian or not. Now, what i am writing about here is not general judging of just seems that when you convert to christianity, you are immediately put into this little group of people that are expected to be perfect, not make mistakes, always smile, never be angry, never do anything wrong, never sin, never drink alcohol, never disagree with someone or something, never...never...never!
Isnt it annoying, or instead i would say it is rather off-putting.

I can only talk for myself, but i often get judged for the things I have said, done, not done etc, and i get told that "as a christian, we shouldnt do this and that", or "be the better christian and do this and that."
I have by nature an angry temprement, I am short tempered and i have many faults. Yes, i mess up...all the time..i am human.

But you know what, i am a human being that was created in the image of God, just like everybody else in this world. This world is evil by nature, God knows this and this is the reason He sent His son to die for me and you on the give us new life in Christ, to overcome evil, to be able to say NO to satan and his attacks.

But when i became a christian, i "signed a pact" with God that said that i will repent and try and walk away from evil. When i commit evil or when i hurt someone or when i do something that isnt "christian", its between me and God, not something to be used as judgement against me from another person.

When i became a christian, i didnt become this perfect person that miracoulously became a non-sinner, didnt lie, didnt hurt others...NO, i am still a human being in this evil world, battling the evil battle against the devil, only this time I have God on my side, who is there to comfort me, forgive me, listen to my repenting and guide me in the right direction.....something a mere human cannot do.

Am i not allowed to go out, have fun and have a few drinks? Of course i am. In fact i have more fun going to friends now because i know that the friends that i have are not going to judge me and we have an awesome time together.
Yes, holding grudges against someone because they did something to hurt me is a sin on my part. I do this all the time and I will get over this little hurdle in my life, but again, its between me and God. Through Gods grace, I will be able to overcome this sin of mine.
What does it say in the Bible, something about "when you point a finger at someone else, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you".
Also something about when pointing out the faults of others, rather look at the log in your own eye.... I know i havent quoted the exact verses, but if tou google them you will find the correct syntax.

I just ask that those who judge us for who we are, what we do, dont do, say and dont say....rather keep it to yourself. Surely we are also on a journey, a journey wih Christ, we rely on His guidance and advice, and by His grace We will  be forgiven.
I am sorry if I dont say the right things when i need to or say things that you may not agree with but please bear with me while I journey with Christ on His path for my life.

Jesus-saves lifes!

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