Wednesday, September 12, 2012


How can we worship God and and ask Him to forgive our sins and then we have a whole bunch of unforgiveness in our hearts?

I can only talk about myself, but often when something happens and when someone has done something to hurt me or said something against me, I get into BLOCK mode. I block them out of my life at that point and I cast it into the back of my mind.

And then???? I think its going to go away. IT DOESN’T!
I have so much unforgiveness in my heart. As I write this, I think back to my past and think to myself “where did this come from”. I never used to be like this. Is it because I am older and I don’t  have to ‘put up with other people’?
I have cast all this unforgiveness into the back of my heart and you know what it crops up again and again. There is only so long you can go ignoring that something didn’t happen or “deleting” people out of your life.
God didn’t make us like this. A time has come in my life that many things from the past that I have ignored are just cropping up all together. Things that I have been angry about, things that have hurt me and where I haven’t forgiven people. I have been under evil attack. Satan has a very good way of sitting ‘on your shoulder’ and telling you that you don’t need people, that you don’t need to forgive people because there is no point!
But you know what, God didn’t make us like this. He didn’t make us to ‘hate’ others or ignore others or hold grudges and unforgiveness with others. We are all brothers and sisters of 1 GOD, our God, our Christ, Jesus! Why do I hold these grudges against my family and others?
I pray to God, I ask for His forgiveness, but I cant do this before I forgive those whom I have a grudge against. All I can say is sorry!
We cant ask God to guide us when we harbour hate and grudge against others. Satan will not win!
We cant live everyday and ignore what has happened in our lives. Yes, people do things, everyone has faults, everyone says things they mean and don’t mean and people are ugly to each other to try ‘be on top’, but does it accomplish anything.
I am starting, only now, that it doesn’t get anywhere! Satan tries to create hatred in our lives.
What unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us!
I pray to God today, I ask Him for His forgiveness for the things that I have done. I need my heart to be clear of hatred and grudges, casting Satan away from me and allowing God into my heart so that I can give Him 100% of my life!
Amen, Jesus Christ, the only son of God, who died for us, shed His blood of us and is now with us in His spirit!

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