Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Does doing all this ‘christian stuff’ get us anywhere?
Do you often try figure out what you are doing, if its Christian, breaking  Christian law, is God happy with me doing what I am doing or does it pass Gods approval?
Is living my life the way am, accepted by God? Have I been too angry? Have I hurt to many people? Have I helped enough poor people? Have I been a decent husband? Etc etc etc

I often feel that, when doing something good or something ‘christian’….its like, what is the point! Is anyone looking at me going, “Hey, He is a good person!”
The question here is, are we doing things to impress humans or to impress God? You know what, if you are doing anything to IMPRESS anyone or God….you have some serious thinking to do. We don’t have to impress God. God knows us already! God created us!
God calls us to be in a relationship with Him. With this comes being filled with the Holy Spirit, being guided by the Holy Spirit and then with that guiding you will find yourself doing all these ‘christian’ things without even knowing about it, purely because of the person you have been transformed into and not because you are trying to prove to someone or impress God.

Can we do this alone? No! God needs to change us. How does He do this…..He wants YOU! He wants you to speak to Him, ask Him, Need Him, rely on Him and praise Him. With all of this, you will be transformed into a different person, a person that enjoys doing things just because. (its Gods will).
I think it’s a matter of BEING instead of DOING!
I have been very bad at this because often I wake up in the morning and think, “OK, today I am going to do this or say that or give this.” It should come naturally. It should be the person I am and not doing it to become a better Christian.

The Holy Spirit, when you ask Him into your life will invite you to BE and not to DO.
This mean the following in my life, maybe yours as well:

·         BE a good husband and Father instead of doing good for my family.
·         BE a person who loves integrity instead of trying to do things that attract integrity
·         BE a person that loves and do loving things
·         BE a person who goes the extra mile instead of thinking of how to do more. It will come naturally
Do we fall into the trap of trying to do things that Jesus taught and did, instead of just BEING a follower of Christ. Do we actually know Christ or do we just try do the things He did? Being a true companion of Christ, getting to know what kind of a person Jesus is will transform us into the likeness of Christ automatically and you will find yourself doing things that you never thought you could and all because of that’s the kind of person you have become and not the person you are trying to become.

Its all about Jesus, He saves lives!

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