Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Holy Spirit - Who is He, Actually?

We are called to be filled with the Holy Spirit, always. We are called to be baptised in the Spirit. This is all great, but why?

Why cant I just believe in Jesus? Or should I be believing/worshipping the Holy Spirit rather than God, or do I worship all of them, or some of them?

When I am filled with the Spirit, am I supposed to fall over, or speak in tongues or "feel something?"

I have all these questions, maybe you do too? Lets try and iron this one out...

Lets put it plainly....The Holy Spirit is God in a Spirit form. A form that is sent to us as humans on earth. BUT, do we worship the Holy Spirit (who is God) or what.
John 15:26 says that the Spirit is to testify of Jesus, not to Himself. Some Christians tend to worship the Spirit or create some kind of cult that they have to feel the Spirit otherwise they are not Christian. Well this is surely not true.The task of the Spirit it to testify of Jesus to us, to show us Jesus' way and to guide us through life.
I suppose we could put it plainly that the Spirit is the link between God and us.
Jesus sent the Spirit so that we can have a relationship with Him, not only in the Spirit.We use the Spirit to speak to God, to pray to God and to be close to Him.

My belief is that the Spirit is not some kind of product that you purchase or buy, and that once you have got it then everything is great! No,the Spirit is a process. We need to work on it, we need to pray for the Spirit all the time, be filled by the Spirit all the time. The more we dwell in the Spirit of God and deepen our relationship with Jesus, the stronger the Spirit dwells in us.

When we pray for the Spirit, often we expect to "feel" something or have this sense of power descend on us from the heavens. Some people fall over, some talk in other languages, some laugh alot, whatever. Often we see ministers on television, displaying "powers" of the Spirit and casting them over their audiences and everyone falls over their seats and lands on the floor and cries etc etc.
Surely this is not what God wants?
Is this the purpose of His Spirit?
I don't disagree that some people show certain manifestations and feel very strong feelings when they receive the Spirit, and there is nothing wrong with this at all, but having to feel something is not what its about.
Measure the Holy Spirit in your life by His fruits, not His gifts!
Galatians 5 - love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and self control

See the Holy Spirit as a sort of seal from God. A seal of a relationship with God and a seal of eternal life.
The Holy Spirit works in us to break the chains of sin. He supplies the life between the tree (God) and the branches (us). We still need to trust fully in the tree to live and once we believe that the tree is our base for life and supplies us the life we need to exist, only then can we "communicate" through that life (The Holy Spirit) to the base (God).

Receiving life (The Holy Spirit) from God is enough.

So how do we know that we have the Holy Spirit in us?
  • We believe the Cross is enough. That what happened at the cross is sufficient grounds that God forgives our sins and Jesus died for our sins.
  • We openly confess about the Lord to the world. We are not ashamed of Him.
  • We must must have absolute surrender to God, always? Say to Him, "Here I am, take me and use me!"
  • Believing Gods Word. What God says, God does. God said that all who ask for the Holy Spirit, will receive it!
Have you asked God to fill you? Have you opened your door to God and let Him in?
Accept the filling of the Spirit as it is. Don't rely on feelings, Don't rely on what people say and don't rely on having to be charismatic to be able to receive the Spirit.
Rely on God only and allow Him to supply you with everlasting life!

Amen and God Bless

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