Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Power of Prayer

This is a personal story of our experience in the last week which, once again, proves the power of prayer and how effective it actually is when we ask God. It says in the Bible that if we ask anything in Gods name, it will be given to us. I have struggled with this verse many times, because I have often asked God for “stuff” and it has never come to being…

Here goes:

Our little boy who is only 5 months got very sick last week. On Monday we took him to the hospital where he was admitted for an “unknown” problem. After many tests, blood tests and other tests were done, it was deduced that he has meningitis. The night before we had no sleep, He screamed all night long, very uncomfortable and clearly in pain (us as well J)…
Straight away, I got onto the social networks and text messaging and stated the above, told a few friends and family about the situation and asked them for their prayers.This was on Monday morning at around 8am. By lunch time, I already had people phoning me whom I had never even known because they had heard via someone through their prayer chain about the situation. The news spread like wildfire and we had messages, status updates on facebook, voice messages, phone calls, emails, all sorts of things from hundreds of people saying they were praying for our little boy and his healing. We were overwhelmed!

On Monday night we heard the fate of the lumber puncture tests that it was indeed meningitis and that our son had to stay in hospital until it cleared and the fevers were back to normal and the swelling in his head had disappeared.
Tuesday morning came, the doctor came to evaluate him, and they couldn’t believe the difference in him. He was recovering, his fevers had subsided, he was smiling, happy, talking etc. It was like a different child from the day before.

Yesterday (Wednesday) He was discharged from hospital, and we are monitoring him now at home.
Whats my point here?
Being a Christian means that we believe that Jesus died for our sins, that we have a relationship with Jesus and that we accept Jesus Christ as Lord……..but what it also means is that we are apart of a very, very big family. A Christian family!

We are there for each other, like close brothers and sisters in a close-knit family. When I had message the few people on Monday morning and updated my status on facebook, the word spread like wildfire. Friends of ours praying for us, they let their friends know and soon we had a huge force of Christian family all praying for us, asking God to heal our little boy.
And it worked!!! Our son is healed, yes we are still keeping a close eye on him, but the healing power of God, through all the prayers from our friends/family/people that know or don’t know us. These people all have a personal relationship with the one and same God, the God that heals, the Gods that loves and the God that has endless mercy and grace!

Being a Christian doesn’t just mean knowing Jesus, but it also means being part of a family. A family in God, Christian brothers and sisters who all serve the same God and when the need arises, all stand together as one and repel the forces of evil!
We care for each other, we love each other and we stand together as one family, praising our Lord Jesus Christ, the ONLY Lord and Saviour!

Thank you to our Lord for sending the power of healing over our son and our family and thank you to my Christian family for laying down your time to bring our little boy to Gods hands.

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