Monday, August 26, 2013

iPod God

Had a bit of a laugh in my car this morning thinking about ipods and then funny enough how it could relate to God. I found quite a tie up between the two, well at least I think so :)

Often we treat God like our ipod.
Lets take a 16Gb iPod and what do we do......fill it with music right?
The first time we get our iPods, we fill them with all our favourite music and videos and etc... But after awhile, we remove the songs that we don't like anymore or those that we have not played in a long time or are relatively boring. This is how it goes for the lifetime of the ipod until a new type of ipod comes out, a bigger and better one, with more Gb's and a better looking screen and new enhancements.
But it does pretty much the same as the old ipod you had, but some things are made easier.

Now lets imagine God being the full 16Gb on your ipod. When we "convert" to Christianity or accept Jesus as our Saviour, God is the best thing. I mean, He is great, you feel on a high (just like when you bought your new ipod) and all is good.
But during the our time as a Christian, we mould God into what we want him to be. Just like we delete some songs from our ipods and replace them with other newer ones, we delete thoughts and ideas about God and replace them with other ones, often ones that have been put into our minds from our surrounding environment. We try to make God fit into our plans or we try make ourselves believe that God is something that He is not!
And as we go about deleting, moulding and replacing our ipods with 'new stuff', we go about removing the goodness of God and replacing it with ideas that we have come up with and try mould Him into those ideas.
Here's an example, one that I have thought and applied to God, but is a total lie and biblically incorrect.

When I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, I knew I was saved from eternal evil. Why, Because the Bible says so. I thought that now, my life would get better, I would start doing lots of good stuff, giving alot more, helping more poor people etc etc.
This didn't happen. I knew God would somehow fix the bad things I did previously and He would build on the bad and turn them into good things.

But this is wrong. It has been something I have always thought and something I have moulded God into, but its completely wrong.
God DOES NOT build on our past! He wipes away our past! We are a new creation. Once we have accepted His Son, our lives are renewed. Everything is wiped clean we get the chance of starting again - from scratch!
Also, this thought that there is many ways to God or that all roads lead to heaven? This is a world view and complete nonsense. The Bible says that there is only one way to God and that is through His son Jesus Christ!

So we cannot delete and replace ideas and thoughts about God and think we have this up-to-date relationship with Him. What God in the Bible!

Another thing, The battery on an ipod, after using it, starts giving you less and less usage as the ipad gets older. This seems to be the same as our christian lives. As we live our lives in this world, we start "Going flat" and our spiritually charge gets less and less until we die (Spiritually that is).

Don't put God into a box. I know I do! But its wrong. God is not a thing or an "it", He is a person, and He deserves our undying attention and love.

I hope this put something into perspective for you because it certainly did for me while writing it.


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