Thursday, August 29, 2013

To Know You....

God is our Father, Jesus is His Son and our Savior and the Holy Spirit is our guide.

The Spirit of our God is in us, advising, guiding and convicting.

Do you know Him?

A letter from Jesus...

To my beloved child
At church or when we are with your fellow church friends and my children, don't you see that you are different? Don't you see that your actions and thoughts and beliefs about me are different?
You come to hear about me, what my Father has done and where you fit in. You come to be apart of my body. You come to learn about my life so you can do the same. You come to know me.
When you fellowship, you are happy, you raise your arms in the air to me, you pray to me with meaning, you speak on different languages and you have a deep love for me.
You see me, you believe me, you trust in me and you ask me for help.
I am so happy to see this.

But what happens when you walk out the door. Everything changes. You fall back into your old ways of sin, unfriendliness, unloving, always in a hurry not to notice me around you, too busy to hear for my voice.
You cant take your friends and the church pastor with you when you leave. When you leave those doors, its just you, me and my Father!
But, my child, understand this. Know that I have your back. I know exactly what your are doing, where you are going and your next move.
Why do you not trust me when its just you and me?
You talk to me in church and through worship and praise, you ask me to come into your life, but when you leave, you put me aside and then run off on your own without hearing what I have to say.

My child, I love you. I loved you even before you were born. You will never be able to comprehend the extent of what I feel about you. I want to be your friend. I want to be your guide and your advisor. I want you to know me!
I gave my life for you and I know that some of you think I am a distant ghost that pops up every now and then when I want to.
I want you to know that I am not distant, I am everywhere! I am where you want me to be, I am around you and more importantly.....I am in you!
But its your decision. If you don't want me around, that's fine. I will never force myself into your life. I love you to allow you to make every decision in your life (even though I made you) - But I would just love to see you make the most important decision of your life, and that is to believe who I am and what I did for you and for you to trust me, know who I am and know what I am like.
I will never walk away from you, even if you walk away from me.
I will always be there. "There" is not far away, "There" is right next to you. but I just want a personal invitation from you to allow me into your heart.
I want to go to wake up with you, I want to go to work with you, I want to talk to others with you, I want to love your family with you and I want to go to bed with you.
We can talk to each other whenever you like...because I love you.

I can teach you so many things. I can show you the grace that my Father His blessed you with. I can tell you about my life as a human. I can show you how to give of your time to help others (but only if you want).

Don't you want to know me?
You are my child and you were made so perfectly.
I want to spend time with you and get close to you so that our time together so that when we meet at the throne, we can crown you with all the riches that my Father has to give and guess what..... We can spend all our life together, forever in heaven.
I can show you all the animals, birds and insects that you have never seen. We can even go and feed all the forest animals and hug them. We can run together in the green grass and laugh together and tell stories about how you were saved!

So, My special child, don't let satan get in between me and you. Whatever ha slipped in between you and me, bring it to my feet and lay it before me. Satan cant handle that, he lost the battle and he is forever lost. Don't let Him take you with him.
I am your Blessed Redeemer!
I love you!


This is something that I believe God writes to us everyday of our lives. I find it so easy to be "Christian" at church and with my friends at church, but what happens when I leave church grounds - everything changes.
Lets take up our cross now and live like Jesus all the time. Lets lay our sin at His feet!

I hope you enjoy reading this as much I loved writing it.
Bless you

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