Monday, September 16, 2013

Angry Christian

This is a topic very close to my heart as it is something that I struggle with everyday of my life and it eats away at me continually.
First lets get this misconception out in the air....ANGER is not a evil thing. Christians do get angry, Jesus got angry, God got angry, we get angry!
By getting angry does give anyone else the right to question your belief and your Christian ethics, in fact it just shows how little the other person understand about Christianity.
There is a BUT here.
There is Good anger and bad anger.
Good anger you ask?

Anger is an emotion that we were given by God. It is not a satan thing. But it is one of the easiest emotions for satan to turn around and use as an evil thing. Satan turns anger to control us instead of us controlling it and when ager controls us it becomes out of control and spirals into hurt, more anger and sin.
Anger is not sin when used in the correct manner.

I often get angry about ridiculous things and then after my little episode has passed I think to myself, "Was that really necessary?"
We should be getting angry at sin, not sin from anger!
For example: I get angry at someone cutting me off in the traffic and almost causes me to swerve out the way because they think they are more important.
But then when I hear on the news that 4 year old girl gets raped and is hung in a tree to die, then its just news.
I have got this anger thing totally wrong!!!
We should be getting angry at sin, at things that we have control over and things that we can change.
By me getting angry at someone swerving in front of me in traffic, is not going to change anything. That person is not going to sit and  re-think that they did.
They probably don't even care and possibly don't even know what they did. By me getting myself into and absolute fit about it is not going to change what they do next. In fact, it often leads to fingers being pointed at each other, a few prize words shouted and high blood pressure.

When we express anger in the wrong way and shout at someone and let them have it, we tend to think its a sign of power and strength. Big 'ol me, the powerful! but in fact its a sign of weakness because you cannot control your emotions. Satan has taken that situation and has quickly made you think that screaming at someone will make you a better person.
(Note to self!)

We may also suppress anger, but this also leads the wrong way. If we bottle up anger, we tend to become depressed and bitter. People see this and then don't want to be around you anymore. Then you become more angry at being alone and it goes around and around....

OK now heres the difficult part! We need to confess our anger to God!
My question  here is "But how does that help me when I am just about to blow up at someone? How do I stop the anger before it happens?"
The answer???  I don't know truthfully! Because I struggle with this emotion and my anger gets offset extremely quickly, I would think that the offsetting of my anger is my temper (discussed in next blog), what I am going to try faithfully everytime now before I feel anger is arising, is think to myself the old but true statement "WWJD" (What would Jesus do?)

Would Jesus get angry at what I am just about to lose my temper about?
Is me getting angry going to change the world and the current situation?
Am I acting like Jesus did when He was on earth?

You thoughts?


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