Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Hard Shell

Last week, by daughter got a bee in her bonnet to go and sleep at Granny's house for the night.
Now for my daughter, who doesn't even sleep at friends houses or go to anyone else, this was quite surprising. Since her brother was born, I think she could be a little insecure and would not go anywhere.
Nevertheless, we took her on Monday to Granny's house for the sleep over. She was so excited to be there. We left and went shopping and got home - nothing much different. In fact I was glad that she has finally got the courage to venture out again.

Let me tell you, I was beside myself. I walked around my garden thinking about her, I went to bed thinking about her and what she was doing.
Now when she is at home, she is normally screaming outside, making a bunch of noise, running around, watching television or whatever, but it normally involved noise.
How I missed this when she was gone!
My heart was crying out for her to be back home, but I didn't say anything. I didn't want her to go in the first place and now it felt like she was gone for ages.
Now when she is at home, we go about our lives in an everyday routine. I get home from work, tired and she wants to do stuff with me and I often push her off.
But when she is gone, my heart falls into a ball of putty. Its like crying inside!

Isn't this like some of our Christian lives as well? We call ourselves "Christian", We try act "Christian", inside we are "Christian"....but we just don't get it right. We act like we are the worst people around, we sin, we don't help others, we swear, we do lots of "un-Christian" things.
But when it hits home, for example when we go to church or have a profound Christian event, we realize what we have done and try change it.   But does it ever happen.
Its all a big circle.
Its like we have this hard "unchristian" shell around us but inside, we actually are these awesome people, loving, caring, giving etc.
I am generalizing here because I would like to think that all people are like this deep down. I know there are people who aren't, but surely every single person on this earth has a part of them somewhere that is good and "like Christ".
Its the hard shell around us that blocks this good part of our hearts.
But there are so many really good people around that seem to have this "Christian" thing down to a tee?
We can all be like that. We can all give, love, care and do......its how to break away from the bondage's of this world and break into the mercy of Christ.
Its when that hard shell is compromised, is when we get our backs up and start to protect our fragile heart inside.
Inside of being reactive, maybe be proactive.
These last few lines are so like me. I sin, I swear, I don't love as much as I should, I often don't care about the things and people that I should an I get angry at things that I shouldn't.
Do you find yourself in the same boat?
Its when something you take for granted is away from your heart, its like that's when God talks to you and says "Now see, look at what you have taken for granted, Look at the beauty I have given you and what you have done with it".

But you know what, God does not condemn us, He never tells us that we are failures, He always believes in us and supplies us with endless grace and mercy. We don't have to do something to win Gods love - its already in abundance.
Here's the Gift from God - take it - and spread it!


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