Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Life in Christ

When we get baptised, it says in this reading that our sins were nailed to the cross and that our sins died a death then, just like Jesus died.
After baptism, we enter into a new life, a spiritual life which entails a very close relationship with god, just like Jesus did when He rose to heaven after 3 days.
The whole subject of baptism is interesting because many people I spoke to didn't believe in it or said it was unnecessary,but if I read here...This is something that needs to happen in every christian life!
I don't want my past sins and charges against my name stuck with me forever. And I did some serious stuff before I was baptised, but at least I know that those thoughts cannot hound me forever, as they have been "chucked" away and forgotten by God.

But that's the past, the future is what I am looking forward to. No person or 'spiritual influence' is going to get in the way between God and me or is going to divert my attention on a New Life in Jesus Christ.

Receiving Jesus Christ is believing in His name and believing that He is the everlasting and ONLY God and that He dies for us and our sins.

Walking with Jesus involves physical activity, not just belief or being passive. It has to be an active belief that means that we don't sit back and expect God to do good things and change our life, but it means that we need to actively get out there, worship His name, spread His name to others and obey Him as our Lord.

Remember, walking means going in one direction and having a single goal to get doesn't mean walking in circles.

Question: Which ways do you find it difficult to life the Christian life? Have You prayed about them?

12 ways to live a Christian life


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