Saturday, January 28, 2012

Relationship Instructions

Shoo, now this is just a great set of instructions, but again, I really struggle to keep to them. I am sure that I am not alone and many people struggle with this reading. In a nutshell:
  • Husbands should love their wives
  • Wives should respect their husbands
  • Children should obey their parents
  • People that are working, should obey their 'bosses' and work to the best of their ability
What really struck me here is the verse 22, where it says that we should always obey our masters (bosses). I have always said to myself that the only master I have is God, but I think what Jesus means here is that we must get into the habit of obeying our bosses and serve them like it would be serving God. (.....and the master you are serving is Christ).
This is difficult, because I know that our bosses are just people like us and they don't deserve any more respect than as  I would respect and trust in the Lord. I don't quite understand this because there is no way that I can 'serve' them like I do the Lord, because they are mere mortals.

But you know what, one day we will be changed from servants to sons. Sons of God, and we would then "be in the habit" of serving and obeying. Also I don't think it means serving them and putting them higher than the Lord, but serving in reverence of Lord.
Our final payday (inheritance) will come from the Lord.

I am not sure I quite get this, but I think I need to pray about it seriously and ask God to reveal it to me.

God Bless.

Question: What is your understanding of this reading?


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