Friday, January 27, 2012

Living like Christ

This chapter has got to be one of the best in the Bible. To me it answers some of the most important questions that I have:
  • How do we live like Christ
  • What makes God angry and what should we be living like?
  • How do we not think about earthly things?
To me, its very easy to say I am going to put to bed all sinful things in my life, but that would be lying to myself and God. I mean, is it really possible?
What also scares me is that the sinful things listed here are things that I have done and are still doing in my life.
Anger, Rage, Malicious Behaviour, Slander, Dirty Language. No hope for me i guess !

But you know what, God knows this. He knows that we are tempted every minute of the day to act these sinful deeds, to me, what he is asking here is for us to get away from them. We are not going to be able to stop them immediately, because that's human nature, but if we trust in God and allow Him in our life to change that, He Will! Looking at this then, it just makes me wonder how much I have actually 'let' God in my life as a christian.

God wants to to be humble, patient, kind to others and have mercy on others. I personally find it extremely difficult to forgive others that offend me, but in Verse 13 its says that we have to.

I don't know, all of this has to be done with Gods help. We cannot accomplish this on our own. We are sinning humans and the grace of God is there to help us and lead us into a new direction, slowly changing our life for the better.

Bless You All

Question: How many of these sinful deeds have you done in your life, have you been able to stop any of them or lessen how many times you act upon them...With our without Gods help?


Additional Thought: Circumcision doesn't matter (Col 3:13)

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  1. Question; To many to count, for me at least; I am many times puzzled at being left with many desires outside of Gods will; Yet with Gods power and instruction I am able to look at His promises for the future, and act on them, and not do. James 1:12-16
    Collosians 3 is so near parallel with 1 Peter 4. When we set our "mind and arm ourselves likewise", no longer "exercise" or feed those desires, the hunger lessens. Pick up our cross daily and crucify selfishness.
    Love Phil

  2. :)Its so easy hey. Iam so glad for the grace of God that we are able to beg for forgiveness afetr we repeatedly make the same sins again and again.
    I agree with you, We have to arm ourselves....Makes me think of Ephesians 6:10-18.
    God Bless!

  3. Dear Muslim Jesus.
    Thank you for your comments. They truly are a "fun" read.
    Whilst I enjoy comments from everyone I would just like to point out that this blog site is not a religious debate site. Many people reading this blog, and I know this as fact,have alreadydecided to call Jesus their Lord and Saviour. Attempts from other religion facts trying to persuade christians that they are worshopping the wrong God and Jesus is a prophet - should be made in the right forum, not here.

    Second, you are quite correct. Our Arab Christian brothers and sisters use the name "Allah" for the God of the Bible. Allah is simply the Arab word for god. In the Arabic Bible, the Word Elohim (Hebrew for God) or Theos (Greek for God) is always translated as Allah. Incidentally, the Arab Christians called God "Allah" LONG BEFORE THE BIRTH OF MUHAMMAD AND ISLAM.
    There is no doubt, or argument, that the Arabic word "Allah" means God! Before the advent of Islam, the Arabs referred to Pagan deities, such as Hubul (the major god of the Kaa'bah and the city of Mecca), as "allah". Hubul, however, WAS NOT the same "Allah" preached by Muhammad. Likewise, the English term "god" can refer to the God of the Bible or to other deities such as Brahma, Osiris, Shiva, or Krishna who ARE NOT the same as the God of the Bible.
    The God (or Allah) of the Bible revealed His message of salvation and love, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to humankind and, as it is often said, God knows best!
    Good luck in your quest to prove that Jesus is just a prophet, but you certainly will not get any further effort from me to prove who Jesus Christ actually is.

    I would love other opinions here as well.