Thursday, April 5, 2012

Countdown to being saved!

What an important week this is for Christians!
Well, only for Christians I ask. Of course not!

This week is the lead up to Jesus death on the cross. This week is where Jesus 'prepared' His disciples for an occasion which has had and will have lifelong consequences for every single person on this earth.

Jesus knew this. He knew what His Father God wanted and needed Him to do.

On Friday, Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion.....FOR US!
He didn't die because He did anything wrong. Jesus didn't do anything wrong, He was perfect! But if Jesus didn't die for us on the cross on that Friday, We would be destined for hell, forever!
We were saved from sin. We were saved from Satan hold on us! We were saved, by giving us the decision to choose between Good and Evil.

Why its not only for Christians,. is because Jesus died for ALL OF US! The difference between a Christian and a non-christian is what the believe and who they have accepted as their saviour and who they are going to follow.
But if a person does not take up the offer of Jesus life for us, they will be destined for hell. If a person decides to accept Jesus, what He did for us, that He died for us, that He saved us from evil and more importantly...That He ascended back to heaven in 3 days time.
He ascended...which means that death did not defeat Him.
Satan's hold was non existent, Gods power is so much more effective.

Jesus broke the hold of sin/death, and went to sit at the right hand of His Father in heaven until He meets us again.
Our short time on earth here (and it is a very short time compared to eternity in heaven or hell), we have been given the choice to walk in 2 directions...
  • one of goodness, peace, love and grace - Gods direction
  • one of evil, sin, hate and unhappiness - satan's direction
Which direction have you chosen? Which direction will you decide to choose if you haven't made a decision?

Its as easy as kneeling down, and asking God to come into your life forever. Asking God to forgive your sins, Confessing your sins and turning from them.
Will you do that today,in this Holy time?
Will you speak to God and ask Him for His Spirit to fill you?
Will you choose the way of goodness and love?

Will you believe what Jesus did this week, on the cross, for us, forever?

Bless you in Jesus name, forever and ever!


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