Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still worrying about what to pray for...

This is such a interesting topic, I tend to go on about it but I often get "stuck" on what to pray for and how to pray, what to say, have i prayed for everything i needed to etc...
Have you ever closed your eyes, ready to pray and speak to the Lord, and then.......... you go blank!   Now what?
Well, try this. Try seek Gods face in that silence. You don't have to say anything. Just close your eyes and be in silence, and try to seek Gods face. By seeking His face, a certain peace will come over you as you sit in silence. A peace of God!
Now this is often a stage where your 'over-productive' mind wants to take you on a journey through your past day or future....it doesn't matter.
Call His name. Do this silently, loudly, whatever is your choice. The Lord had many names in the Bible.Yahweh, Immanuel, El Shaddai, The Lord of the whole world, The Lamb that was slain etc etc..
Pray for yourself. Have you confessed all your sin? Are you allowing the Holy Spirit into your life and obeying Him? And one of the hardest things I certainly deal with is, Are you holding any bitterness in your life against someone or something?
Pray for unsaved family/friends. Name them to God, ask His Spirit over them and His breath of peace over them. Pray for their salvation.

Pray for your church (if appropriate). Pray that your church fulfills the great commission and that they "DO" the work of God to Gods will. Ask God to restore the relationships between churches so that they all work together for one purpose.

Pray for own needs. This is often the most common part of our prayers, is praying for ourselves. Praying to God about things happening in our lives, things effecting us, things that we need to help better our lives. Friends, Work, cars, family issues, belongings etc. Use this time to pray for our own salvation and that God will always watch over us and protect us and save us from a certain death in hell.

Listen for God. This is a time that you don't say anything. Be silent, listen for Gods voice. It may be audible, it may be a feeling you get, you may feel like it is 'just right'. How do you know its from God, because you will be at peace with the idea and also that it is agreed to His Word.

Pray for the world and governments. Pray for leaders and their decisions, pray for governments around the world to make decisions with integrity and for the good of its people and not themselves.Pray against witchcraft, the onset of AIDS/HIV, pray against war and bloodshed which is so rife in our world currently.
Pray for reconciliation. This is between God and His people. Pray that Gods people will pray to Him everyday, that they would live a life of Christ, that families would forgive others and breakdown strongholds against each other.
End your prayer in worship and thanksgiving. Praise God for what He has given you, your family, done in your life, blessed you with etc.
These are guidelines, you don't have to do any of them or all of them. Its all up to you.
Praise you and bless you while to speak to our Lord!

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