Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Praying for our Children

For those people that have children, do you often go to bed at night wondering what to say about them and what to ask God about them.

Do you just say a one liner about your family, something like “Thank you Lord for my children, Please keep them safe and protect them.”?

I often lie in bed and wonder if I have forgotten something with regards my little girl, Cailyn. When I pray for her, what do I say, How do I say it?

God doesn’t need eloquent prayers, but surely we should pray for the right things!

Often children are not converted because parents leave their work to others. Although as valuable as Sunday school teachers are, no parent can be released from the obligation of striving by his own personal efforts to lead his children to Christ. We are commanded to bring our children up "in the fear and nurture of the Lord." In the case of the children of believers, parental training should be the first and usual means of their salvation. The work to be done by parents includes:
a. Instructing them in the faith.
b. Setting them a holy example.
c. Restraining them.
d. Praying for them. (Our concentration here)
Here are some ways to pray the Word of God into the lives of your children or grandchildren:

1. Mind: Read Rom.8:5-8: Pray that their minds will be controlled by the Holy Spirit so they will live a life pleasing to God and filled with joy and peace.

2. Will: Read Ps. 26:2-3, 139:2, 23-24: If they are of age to do so, Pray that they will continually be open and ask the Lord to show them the true state of their heart and mind so they will walk in truth and purity.

3. Seeking His face: Read Eccl.7:25:7Pray that they will become hungry and thirsty to understand and search out the wisdom of God. That they will be able to discern the foolishness of a life apart without God.

4. Trust: Read Isa.26:3-4: Pray that their minds will be steadfast as they trust in the Lord. Also that they will really learn to trust God completely.

5. God first: Read Matt.22:37: Pray that they will love the Lord with all of their heart, soul and mind. That God will be real to them and their greatest hero!

6. Renewed: Read Rom.12:2:7 Pray that they will not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but will be transformed by the renewing of their mind through spending time with the Word. If they are too small, it is our responsibility as parents to spend time with them with a children’s bible or similar

7. Christ in them: Read 1 Cor.2:16b, 2 Cor.10:5, Phil.4:8-9: Pray that they will always have the mind of Christ. That the persuasions of friends and the media will not sway them when they are older.

8. Peace: Read Phil.4:7: Pray that the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard the hearts and minds of your children in Christ Jesus. That they will be free from fear. (and that there is no such thing as the “bogeyman” J)

10. Time-out: Read Ps.27:4-8: Pray that they will hear God’s voice and love to read their Bible and spend time alone with God from a very young age. Ask for their friends to notice their love for the Word and to join them and do the same. This will only create a positive attitude within a family.

Some of these are valid for older children, but you can ’mould’ them to fit into your situation and your kids ages.

Bless you as you pray for you children and bring them to God.

Acts 19:20- I thank you Father that your Word prevails over our children.


  1. In Islam there are specific prayers before you go to sleep.
    Bible is not the Pure message that Jesus preached. Bible is written by people who never saw Jesus.
    Jesus used to prostrate on the ground and pray to his Lord same as the Muslims.
    Jesus used to eat meat which had to be bled and prayed on same as the Muslims.
    Jesus was circumcised same as the Muslims.
    Jesus used to pray to One God same as the Muslims.

    If you want to know who Jesus really was go and read the chapter called Mary in the Quran.


    The following is from the Gospel of John 5:30 - 31 from the Arabic Bible. In English Bible you will get the word God in the place of Allah. The millions of Arab Christian use Allah not God. The word God is used only by the English speaking Christians.

    Gospel of John 5:30 -31

    "On my own I am powerless. I judge as I am told (told by Allah). My judgement is just because I do not act based upon my own will but rather I submit to Allah's will. The will of Allah has sent me as his messenger. If I represent Myself my representation is different from and inferior to what Allah directs me to do".


    From the above statement Jesus Christ is clearly stating he is sent by Allah as a messenger (Prophet) to guide the mankind.

    According to the above statement in the Gospel of John, Jesus must be teaching Islam.

    Islam means: Being in peace by sincerely submitting to the will of God.

    In the above statement from the Bible Jesus clearly says he is submitting to the will of God.

    In the above statement you can say Jesus cannot be the God.

    Quran says he is the Prophet of God like Moses, Abraham, Muhammad, David.
    Peace and blessing of Allah be upon all his prophets.

    To see the scientific errors found in the Bible please check: www.muslimjesus.net

  2. Dear Muslim Jesus.
    Thank you for your comments. They truly are a "fun" read.
    Whilst I enjoy comments from everyone I would just like to point out that this blog site is not a religious debate site. Many people reading this blog, and I know this as fact,have alreadydecided to call Jesus their Lord and Saviour. Attempts from other religion facts trying to persuade christians that they are worshopping the wrong God and Jesus is a prophet - should be made in the right forum, not here.

    Second, you are quite correct. Our Arab Christian brothers and sisters use the name "Allah" for the God of the Bible. Allah is simply the Arab word for god. In the Arabic Bible, the Word Elohim (Hebrew for God) or Theos (Greek for God) is always translated as Allah. Incidentally, the Arab Christians called God "Allah" LONG BEFORE THE BIRTH OF MUHAMMAD AND ISLAM.
    There is no doubt, or argument, that the Arabic word "Allah" means God! Before the advent of Islam, the Arabs referred to Pagan deities, such as Hubul (the major god of the Kaa'bah and the city of Mecca), as "allah". Hubul, however, WAS NOT the same "Allah" preached by Muhammad. Likewise, the English term "god" can refer to the God of the Bible or to other deities such as Brahma, Osiris, Shiva, or Krishna who ARE NOT the same as the God of the Bible.
    The God (or Allah) of the Bible revealed His message of salvation and love, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to humankind and, as it is often said, God knows best!
    Good luck in your quest to prove that Jesus is just a prophet, but you certainly will not get any further effort from me to prove who Jesus Christ actually is.

    I would love other opinions here as well.