Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter, what is it?

This past weekend we celebrated easter. Really?

Many people went on holiday, many people bought thousands of chocolate easter bunnies for their kids for themselves and had a whole bunch of fun going away.
And there is nothing wrong with this, of course we can have fun. Thats what was meant to happen.

We most definitely enjoyed ourselves, bought chocolate bunnies and went on holiday.
BUT, do we still remember the real reason for easter? Yes, Jesus dies, He rose again. But is that all? Does it mean anything to you?
I just think sometimes that we get so involves in our own lives, chocolate bunnies, exciting holidays etc, that we dont spend even 10 minutes with God, thanking Him for what He did, and spend 10 minutes with Jesus and thank Him for what He did.

Jesus suffered the most gruesome and un-human death, what for? He didnt have to. He did it out of His love for us!
If it wasnt for Jesus dying this death (and dying as a human), We wouldnt have any reason to live, any reason to HOPE and certainly nothing to have FAITH in.
Imagine sending your son or daughter to death, crucified, naked, embarresed, soaking in His own blood, all this for someone else.
3 days later, Jesus ascended to Heaven, He defeated evil, he defeated satans grip. Satan is death, satan wants us all to die, live a life in hell forever and this is where we would go if to wasnt for the ascension of Jesus, deafetaing satan once and for all.
Isnt is great that we serve a loving God, so loving that He died for us FOR US!

What does this mean now. Well, it doesnt mean that all is good and that we can keep on sinning "because we are saved".
It means that we are saved if we choose to be saved. How? We believe in the Easter story, We believe that Jesus did infact die and more importantly ascend to heaven after death. If we beleive that Jesus is our Saviour!

We are sinners, yes, we always will be. But with Gods help, confessing our sin to God, beleiving that Jesus went through this pain for us and repenting from our sin...This life will be so exciting and positive and we will have HOPE.
Hope in the one and living God!

I would love your thoughts.

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