Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A gentle reminder...

I went to church on Sunday. I don't go as much as I used to for some reason. I write about this particular Sunday because it just right at a time in my life when there is so much going on around me so quickly and I am thinking that I am alone in everything.
But then the stubborn part of me says "Oh boohoo, get over yourself!"
So its round and round in a big circle and I get more saddened at it all.

Anyway, I sat in my normal seat in the service, greeted the normal people that normally sit around me and then the service started.
I feel lonely! I wish I had my family around me!
I prayed to God to help me get out of this ridiculous thought pattern.
It was a communion service and the way that the communion runs in my church is the that the first rows go down to the front 'pulpit' to receive the Body and blood of Christ (bread and wine) and then filter back to their chairs and then the next rows go and so on until they reach the back of the church and every person has been to the front.
Now I sit on the center isle, always, and so all the people coming down to the pulpit to participate in communion walk right past me.
After I had been down to the front, I came back to me chair and sat and started praying, for general stuff.
I cant tell you what it was but I felt probably about 20 hands on my shoulders all the different times from different people, just saying 'Hi'.
When I stopped praying, I must have shaken hands and hugged with another 10 people.

There is a point to this!
It was like this is Gods way of saying "You're not alone, I am with you".
When I say alone, I mean alone in my Christian thoughts and ideas and that there is no-one to share them with. Not physically alone.
Is this what it is going to be like in heaven?
Everyone is happy, peaceful, enjoying the sacrament of Christ, greeting eachother, hugging eachother because they really mean it?
YES! Why? Because the Bible tells us so.
To see love between people, all sharing in the blood shed by Jesus and all sharing in His body is something that every Christian should know,
God reminded me that day that we are not alone in our thoughts about Him, but rather we all share a common theme.......that God is Love!
People that I haven't seen for years came up to me to say Hi, People from when I was at school and people that I cant even remember their names (I just smiled at those :))
I only realized today the whole situation. On Sunday I thought it was really strange, but today it hit home!

Look for God in the small things. They are probably under your nose. Something we do is look at why God is not changing us lie we want Him to or why isn't He listening.....
But maybe....just maybe....we are looking in the wrong place!

Let me leave you with a verse from Gods Word.
Romans 10:17 - So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

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