Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On top of the world

I have just had the privilege of chatting to 2 of my beautiful family members in Christ, Avril and Shane tonight. This after having the privilege of being apart of the alpha course and sitting in a group of 9 other people who are so eager to have a closer relationship with our Lord and Saviour.
This was all after hearing a one hour message in my car today from Andrew Wommack, a man whom I admire and have great respect for, in a message of his called "Its up to you!"

Now we are also going away for the weekend to a beautiful part of our country South Africa, where God is going to meet people where they are in life and His spirit will flood the camp.

I must say, the last 2 days and the days to come this week are so exciting. Exciting because the Spirit of God is everywhere around us. We don't know what to expect on the weekend because every weekend we go on is different and The Spirit of God manifests in a different way, We just know that He will be there!

Anyway, back to my chat I had right at the beginning with Avril and Shane. It was nice to catch up but what they told me turned a 5 minutes catch up conversation to a 40 minute in-depth, exciting, adrenalin pumping session :)
These guys, with a group of about 20 other people, go every Saturday and some nights of the week and pray for healing in some of our most poorest and unsafe communities.
Now, if any of you understand when I say poor and unsafe, these are people who live in poverty, filth, sewerage and sickness.
Going to a place like this would strike fear in me because of the situation. But you know what, where God is, Peace is!
The stories that they can tell about healing that they have seen with their own eyes, with their own hands, physical healing, mental healing and emotional healing.
They pray for drug Lords, child traffickers, rapists, murderers etc. They have seen many really terrible sights of blood and pain, but this has not turned them away.
When you have God on your side, you can do anything. God works through us.
I could listen to stories like this all night. Stories that inspire, Good news stories - instead of listening to the bad, mundane stories about corruption, crime and stuff in the newspaper.

When even one person comes to Christ - This is something to celebrate. The Angels in heaven scream and shout in happiness. Healing is real, it happens. I have also personally seen it on many occasions.
We don't have to be special people to pray healing over others. We need God!
We don't need some special relationship and power in order to heal others, We need God!
God does the work through us.
What we need to do is believe 100% that it will indeed happen - and it does.
Through God we can do anything!

When I was chatting to them, they grew so excited about what they were saying. They truly believed in what they were doing. I think "passionate" is the best word here.
When we are passionate about God, he uses us more and more.
Its all up to us to decide where we put God in our lives!

I am feeling on top of the world right now spiritually. I know God loves me, I know He is with me, He accepts my many faults, but He still loves me.
To hear stories like these from close friends in Christ whom I love dearly, To see people coming to an alpha course and wanting to know more about who God is and to hear a man preach on How we can make a difference has just made it all come together and I think one conclusion is drawn here, and that is that through God, nothing is impossible.
He brings excitement in your life that nothing else can offer eternally.
He brings a hope.
He brings togetherness, friendship and love.
And he heals.

I thank God for how He has spoken to me in the last few days, I thank God for my family in Christ and I thank God for what He has done and is going to do for me.


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