Monday, October 14, 2013

The Holy Spirit & Our Spirit

Our Spirit, something that we spend little time concentrating on and trying to grow.
Its the part of us that the Lord desires the most and that Satan wants mostly to control.
Its the battle of our Spirit....and we spend the least time on it.

Our Spirit is like our control room. The way we act towards each other, they way we think about ourselves, others and situations. How we relate to anything and everything is all governed by our inner Spirit.
Our Spirit also then becomes a place where we throw our emotions if we cant deal with them. If you are an angry person and anger seems to get the better of you in many instances - its because anger has taken control of your Spirit and is manifesting there and growing stronger and stronger and you are trying to deal with the  results instead of dealing with the problem.
The Spirit can be a repository of good and bad emotions/feelings and if it is not concentrated on and fixed at "Spirit" level, anything else you try to do to walk away from issues in your life are NOT going to work.
We have to concentrate on our Spirits, fix what is in there, throw away the bad effects in our Spirit so that our outer actions towards others are completely changed.

The only way we can "fix" our Spirits, is to let the Holy Spirit come into our Spirits and let Him take control. The Holy Spirit is a "Him" because it is ' us'.
We have things in our Spirit which attract bas spirits to come into our Spirit and reign there, hence our actions are effected and our thoughts patterns our changed to reflect these bad spirits controlling our Spirit.
We are all desperate and needing Christ's Spirit in us, in our Spirit and this is why Paul, in Ephesians, prayed for the Holy Spirit to control our Spirits "at all times".

What we do, especially as children as well, when bad things are said to us, we don't how to deal with them and get on with life, so we push these bad things into our spirit so that it doesn't effect us and it feels like we have pushed it away.
When in fact, we have just push the bad feeling/emotion deeper into us and it will grow within us, show its ugly head and get stronger and start moulding your thoughts, feelings, relationships and overall attitude.
Rejection is another things which gets dumped into the human Spirit. We don't want feel rejected sin the short term so we push rejection away into our Spirits....Problem is that it comes back much stronger at a later stage and effects us even worse than before.
Hatred and anger are exactly the same. And this is the part that I am seeming to catch a wake up. I have a lot of anger in my spirit which had been pushed there from years and years ago as a child and growing up and this anger now shows its head, not every now and then, but everyday!
Its because I am trying to ignore my Spirit and run away from it and not trying to tackle my Spirit head-on.
Resentment and insecurity also love sitting in your Spirit. they grow there. Things that may have happened at any stage of your life, instead of dealing with the situation, we ignore it and that's the start of an ugly growth in our Spirits.

But Yes, there is a solution to this. The Holy Spirit!
Its very common to see physically disabled people who seem peaceful with their situation. people like this, one could say that they have an excuse to be angry/resentful, but instead they are peaceful and have accepted their situation.
This is because they have been healed internally. Although externally they still are disabled, internally they are at peace and this is because the Spirit of the Lord has healed them!
Often there is so much hurt that has been caused in a marriage from fighting and arguing an that hurt is stored in your Spirit. We get over fights but the hurt remains and this causes a breeding ground for ugliness and resentment towards each other.
Outwardly we seem fine but inwardly we are crying.
The Spirit of God comes when we pray for one another. Asking God's Spirit to come into ourselves and our partners and openly laying out our lives to God (Laying our spirit bare) will allow Gods Spirit to heal us, break those old bad emotion strongholds in our Spirits and allow us to be free!

Isn't this awesome. Some of us have so much to confess to the Lord. Do it today!
Some of us are "crying inside", Ask God into your life...TODAY! Do it now!

I pray that this bit of writing will bless you as you read it, as much as it blessed me while writing it. I pray that this finds your Spirit and kicks off a renewed call for Gods Spirit in your life!


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