Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Genuine Faith...

There is a kind of faith that is really genuine.
This kind of faith means that you will do anything or anything will happen to you, but you still hold on to that belief of eternal life, Jesus ascending to heaven and believe that God has our best interests at heart.
Do you have that Faith?

Isn't it difficult though, that in many instances it is very difficult to hold faith. When events in your life cause you to think: “Cmon God, WHY? Why is this happening to me?”
Have you asked this question? Or are you doing what Paul did in prison, He wrote letters to other people, churches and friends and continually praised the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Even though he was locked up and in chains, He tried to encourage others in their faith and tell them about Jesus.

Look at 2 Timothy Chapter 1. This is an example of how Paul encourage others (Here it is Timothy), to grow their faith, spread the Word of Jesus and use the gifts that were giving to them by God through His Holy Spirit.
Paul doesn’t sit in prison and mope around and pity himself and ask God WHY ME? He says that he is not ashamed of being in prison. He lost some of his close friends because of it, but instead just saw the bright future that God will give him and the eternal future that he will have in heaven with Jesus Christ. (Looking at the bigger picture?)
Paul calls to live in the Holy Spirit, Let the Holy Spirit testify to our spirits. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and “peace bringer” and allow the Holy Spirit to enter your life!

God is waiting, He is knocking on your door. Their is no handle on His side, and God will never force Himself into your heart. He is just waiting for you to answer Him and open the door and invite Him in.
Bless you!
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