Monday, March 5, 2012

True Riches...

Have you ever thought about how rich you are?
And I dont mean money!
I think, as humans, alot of us are driving by money and are driving by how much money you have or how expensive your car is or how much money is in the bank. I certainly do in many ways. It is a difficult transition to make.
What is the point of all of this, if we cant take it away with us when we die?

Yes we all want a great job and be able to support our families and have lots of luxuries in life, but we can do this without having money drive us. Money is a reward for our good work but the driving factor should be to do the job well - money will come after.

This is the same as a life in Christ. We should strive to have a full and close relationship with Jesus, have faith in Jesus and know every bit of Him and not be driven by the rewards - they will automatically come later (because Jesus promised us).

The Holy Spirit is a reward which was promised.
Eternal life with God was promised.
A beautiful mansion and a loving relationship was promised to us after we die.

Christians do have basic material needs for food and clothing, of course, like everyone else; but when these are met a godly Christian can be satisfied!
If we keep on striving to be rich in money and have than everyone else, how are we going to have time to get to know God?

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