Friday, March 16, 2012

Scripture Inspired By God!

What does this mean?

Scripture was God Breathed!
God gave men the words to write in the Bible through His Holy Spirit.
Many people doubt (including me) or have doubted the some of the words and/or events in the bible.
They have lived their life as a religion going against what is in the bible, saying it is untrue, that mere men wrote the bible on their account and had no reference to Jesus as a Saviour and that Jesus was a normal man, who was killed and did not ascend to heaven.

Do you think God would have allowed His Word to be circulated around our world today if it wasn't true?
God, being as powerful as He is, would have destroyed something that was untrue about Him and the events around Him and other.
Instead, the Bible is now (and always has been) the bestselling book ever written.
The Holy Spirit testified to these men and women who wrote the bible. Every book, chapter, verse and word was written from the Spirit of these people, which was testified to by the Holy Spirit.
When the Bible was originally written, there was no concept of chapters and verses. This was created by the earlier churches to bring 'some reading order' to the letters and books in the Bible, but they have not changed the words. They have been directly translated by many people throughout the centuries which is why we have so many Bible translations today.
But if you read different translations of the Bible, they all come back to pretty much the same thing - Glorifying God!
God spiritually equipped these people to write the bible. He chose them to create a story/fact about Him. Remember, Many of these writers were murderers, thieves, adulterous and evil people. They were changed around internally by Gods Holy Spirit testifying to them, and thus created the Best Book in the World!

Amen to that.

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